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IKE TROTTER: Health care costs on Social Security

by Ike Trotter Published: March 7,2014

Tags: Business, column, Greenville, Ike Trotter, Mississippi

Social Security provides one of the most dependable sources of income for retirees and their families. In fact, for a majority of retirees today, Social Security accounts for at least half of their income (Source: Fast Facts & Figures About Social Security, 2013). What we are seeing, however, is more of that income being spent […] [...]

IKE TROTTER: There are primary changes in Social Security for 2014

by Ike Trotter Published: December 6,2013

Tags: Business, finance, Greenville, Ike Trotter, Mississippi, Social Security

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has recently announced that Social Security and SSI beneficiaries will receive a 1.5 percent cost-of-living (COLA) adjustment for 2014. According to the SSA’s announcement, after the COLA adjustment, the estimated average retirement benefit will rise from $1,275 in 2013 to $1,294 in 2014. Here are the other primary changes to […] [...]

IKE TROTTER — The importance to budgeting

by Ike Trotter Published: October 4,2013

Tags: banking, finance, Greenville, Ike Trotter, Mississippi

What do most think of when establishing a budget? For most of us, it’s the “oftentimes” painful process of trying to live within one’s income — which is never an easy process. And while a case could be made that this financial process is more effective when introduced at the early part of the year, […] [...]

Advisor Today features Greenville’s Ike Trotter

by Ross Reily Published: September 27,2013

Tags: Business, Greenville, Ike Trotter, Mississippi

Ike Trotter was recently featured in Advisor Today financial magazine. Scheduled for the September/October digital edition, Trotter was interviewed for a national podcast series on “Building a More Successful Practice.” Advisor Today, which offers both a paper and digital edition, is a publication of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Trotter has been […] [...]

TROTTER: What lessons can be learned from Detroit?

by Ike Trotter Published: August 9,2013

Tags: Banking & Finance, Chapter 9 bankruptcy, Detroit, Ike Trotter, personal finance

On July 18, Detroit became the largest American city to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. A city once having a population of some 1.8 million has whittled down to less than 700,000. What will happen to the pensions of its 20,000-plus retired public employees? There is for sure the distinct possibility they could be reduced […] [...]

TROTTER: Where did inflation run to?

by Ike Trotter Published: July 12,2013

Tags: finance, Ike Trotter, inflation

Consumer inflation, according to the Federal Reserve’s inflation gauge, just hit a 50-year low according to the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) price index, which is maintained by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.1 Besides tracking consumer inflation, the PCE price index measures data like household purchases, a major factor in GDP growth. The core PCE index […] [...]

TROTTER: Big spenders vs. big savers

by Ike Trotter Published: June 28,2013

Tags: finance, Ike Trotter, money, saving, spending

You stand at your window and look across the street. Nice house, you think. Nice landscaping. Nice sports car. Nice driveway. New bikes for the kids. Wow, if only you had that kind of money . . . . On the other hand, the plain home down the street with the older model sedan parked […] [...]

TROTTER: Has your identity been stolen?

by Ike Trotter Published: June 21,2013

Tags: finance, identity theft, Ike Trotter

According to data compiled by Norton, cybercrime hits over 74 million Americans annually. You know you have been victimized when you get that courtesy call or email from a bank or credit card issuer – but is there a way you can tell prior to that moment?1 There are, however, certain warning signs to cybercrime. […] [...]

TROTTER: Social security claiming strategies

by Ike Trotter Published: May 17,2013

Tags: finance, Ike Trotter, Social Security

Today almost half of those filing for Social Security benefits do so at age 62, the earliest age to which the law makes eligible. Some choose to delay benefits and postpone using their retirement savings as an income source. Others apply out of necessity; their financial situation leaves them little choice. Weighing everything involved, what […] [...]

TROTTER: Estate and financial planning fundamentals

by Ross Reily Published: May 10,2013

Tags: finance, Ike Trotter, Mississippi, Mississippi Business Journal

For this column, we will discuss those areas of estate and financial planning for the age group I will refer as “age 50 and older.” Obviously, we’re dealing with a wide age span for people in this group that pairs those of the World War II generation along with the Baby Boomer generation that followed […] [...]

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