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TROTTER: Spenders and savers are linked by asset conservation

by Ike Trotter Published: May 3,2013

Tags: financial planning, Ike Trotter, money, personal finance, saving money, spending money

For this article, we will discuss those areas of estate and financial planning for the age group I will refer as “age 50 and older.” Obviously, we’re dealing with a wide age span for people in this group that pairs those of the World War II generation along with the Baby Boomer generation that followed […] [...]

TROTTER: Dealing with the issues of debt

by Ike Trotter Published: March 29,2013

Tags: bankruptcy, Business Week, debt, Ike Trotter

A couple of years back, an article in Business Week caught my attention by stating that older Americans -those identified as 55 and over, are filing for bankruptcy at a faster rate than the general population today. Even more surprising in this category would be the inclusion of those raised during the Depression and World […] [...]

Where is the Dow Jones headed?

by Ike Trotter Published: March 22,2013

Tags: financial markets, Ike Trotter, New York Stock Exchange, NYSE, Wall Street

Next stop, 15,000? As the Dow Jones Industrial Average settled at a new all-time high of 14,253.77 on March 5, the psychological lift on Wall Street was undeniable — the market was finally back to where it was in 2007. Or was it? 1 For many, the Dow “is” the stock market, and the stock […] [...]

Putting your tax refund to work

by Ike Trotter Published: March 8,2013

Tags: Ike Trotter, Roth IRA, taxes, TD Ameritrade

According to a recent TD Ameritrade poll, 47 percent of U.S. taxpayers expect a refund this year. The important question to ask is: What do they plan to do with the money? The answers may surprise you. While 15 percent of the survey respondents indicated they would spend their refunds on discretionary purchases, 47 percent […] [...]

Why it is wise to diversify

by Ike Trotter Published: February 22,2013

Tags: Ike Trotter, personal finance

Most all of us know of friends and neighbors who try and “chase returns” with the stock market today. Throw in to that mix day traders and others who are constantly hunting for the next hot stock, endlessly refreshing browser windows in search for breaking news and tips from assorted gurus. Is that the path […] [...]

A nice tax surprise for April

by Ike Trotter Published: February 8,2013

Tags: financial planning, financial services, Haley Barbour, Ike Trotter, tax season, taxes

Anytime I write about financial products that are also offered through my practice, I run the risk with this column of taking what some may view as unfair advantage of promoting products I also happen to write. While I think my many years of writing a financial column has dispelled this notion, I am sensitive […] [...]

Social Security claiming strategies

by Ike Trotter Published: December 14,2012

Tags: AARP, Ike Trotter, Social Security

According to current data, roughly half of retirees claim Social Security benefits today by age 62 –or as soon as they become eligible. And while some people delay benefits and postpone using their retirement savings as an income source, far more today apply out of necessity; their financial situation leaving them little in the way […] [...]

Trotter gives presentation

by MBJ Staff Published: October 15,2012

Tags: Greenville, Ike Trotter, Ike Trotter Agency

Greenville financial advisor Ike S. Trotter, CLU, ChFC, was a featured speaker recently at the 2012 Career Conference and Annual Meeting of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors held in Las Vegas, Nev. It drew more than 2,500 agents from across the U.S. Trotter’s presentation was titled “Nuts and Bolts Estate Planning — […] [...]

Life insurance is for people who live

by Ike Trotter Published: September 16,2012

Tags: Ike Trotter, Life & Health Insurance Foundation for Education, life insurance

It has become somewhat of a custom for me to write about life insurance concepts during the month of September. And, my comments come fairly easy because I believe in life insurance and have seen the many ways in which it has held families together during financial uncertainties. My comments for this month are also […] [...]

Buying a home? Not so dreamy

by Ike Trotter Published: August 12,2012

Tags: Banking & Finance, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ike Trotter

For most today, a home mortgage is the largest single investment that one normally makes over a working lifetime. It can also be said, however — after the initial excitement of purchasing the home has been made — that dealing with the procedures necessary to buying a home can also be one of the biggest […] [...]

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