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The importance of having good credit

by Ike Trotter Published: May 20,2012

Tags: banking, credit score, finance, Ike Trotter

One of the financial necessities required in today’s world is good credit. It can make a huge difference when you’re trying to pass muster with a landlord, a lender or even a potential employer. On a numeric grading system, it helps to have a credit score of 740 or better. And while the medium credit […] [...]

IKE TROTTER- Sandcastles and financial resolutions

by Ike Trotter Published: April 29,2012

Tags: Gulf Coast, Ike Trotter, personal finance, safe money

With the weather getting warmer as winter turns into spring, many families begin thinking about where to make plans for a summer vacation. I dare say a popular vacation destination for a lot of Mississippi families is to head south to the beaches of the Gulf Coast and enjoy the sun and fun. And I […] [...]

TROTTER: Last-minute tax reminders for 2012

by Ike Trotter Published: April 8,2012

Tags: Form 8949, Ike Trotter, IRS, Roth IRA, tax season

Every year, the IRS enacts certain changes to the tax code; some large — but most fairly small. There are those situations, however, where some changes to the tax code don’t receive as much notice as they should. This year is no exception. Here is a rundown of what may affect some taxpayers this year. […] [...]

IKE TROTTER — Having a monthly planning schedule

Many of life’s biggest financial decisions are made proactively . . . while others are reactive. It just goes with the territory. Labor long enough in the everyday grind of working life and you’ll face the fact that some financial decisions are just going to be made “on the fly.” However, to help make sure […] [...]

Helping to improve your financial picture for 2012

By now, the Christmas tree has been put out on the curb and you’re close to finishing all the candies and cakes you didn’t need to begin with. Its time again for that annual ritual and you know what I’m referring to: New Years Resolutions, or, more to the point, financial resolutions for the year […] [...]

The ‘skinny’ on Medicare this time of year

by Ike Trotter Published: December 11,2011

Tags: column, Ike Trotter, Medicare, Medicare Open enrollment

There are certain dates in early December concerning Medicare that involve various enrollment periods scheduled. Most people approaching age 65 or those already on Medicare are well aware of these dates. But for those that are not, here is up to date information as to how these options play out: Medicare Open enrollment. This is […] [...]

Dealing with all of life’s perils

by Ike Trotter Published: November 6,2011

Tags: COLUMNS, Ike Trotter, risks

My work is basically about helping people manage risk. That being primarily the hazards of life we all experience on a day to day basis. And it’s a risky business because life itself can be risky. Whether walking across the highway, being diagnosed with a catastrophic medical expenses or having an unexpected loss of income […] [...]

Healthcare changes are a-coming

by Ike Trotter Published: October 9,2011

Tags: healthcare, Ike Trotter, MBJ column

Unless reversed through some miraculous political turn of events in the coming days, the era of Obamacare is getting closer at hand. Like it or not, here are a few major and minor adjustments to keep you abreast of what is in store for not only 2012, but 2013 and 2014, as well. And if […] [...]

Franklin’s financial legacy for today

by For the MBJ Published: July 3,2011

Tags: Ben Franklin, finance, Ike Trotter

If you’re traveling from the Delta these days heading towards Memphis on Highway 61, it’s impossible not to notice all the casino billboards located both north and south of Robinsonville and Tunica County. Each sign screams out the message that you can walk into their particular establishment and win the jackpot. With their own unique […] [...]

Is is safe to go back in the water?

by Laura Smith Published: November 23,2009

Tags: financial, Ike Trotter, investing, Randy Boyes

Taking a balanced approach seems to be the key as investor think about sticking a toe in the water   With the stock market beginning to return to normal levels — and even hitting a 13-month high on Nov. 16 — investment advisors have new strategies for those re-entering the market. Ike Trotter, a financial […] [...]

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