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WOODS: AIMS Program right on target

by Published: August 2,2013

Tags: AIMS, fitness, John Woods, outdoors

The zing of arrows flying downrange across statewide school districts is evidence an archery program sponsored by the MDWFP is a huge success. Started in 2005 with only 10 schools signed up, today the AIMS, or Archery in Mississippi Schools, now has about 384 schools in the state participating in the program according to AIMS […] [...]

WOODS: Summer wildlife extravaganzas are on the horizon

by Published: July 5,2013

Tags: John Woods, outdoors, wildlife

Ok, the temps outside in the shade pushed above the 95 mark already. The weatherman suggested we soon would be having triple digit daytime temperatures. My main AC unit at the house threw in the towel last Monday and this is being written in June. So, what the heck is there to look forward to? […] [...]

WOODS: Mississippi outdoors dollars

What with the volatility of the American economic landscape amid assaults on Second Amendment rights, hunting, shooting and gun ownership, it makes one wonder if states are looking at the economic impacts of outdoors dollars to their state revenues? As some states sign into law more restrictions on private liberties and businesses alike, many outdoors […] [...]

WOODS: Time to put gloves on for handgrabbing

by Published: May 17,2013

Tags: fishing, handgrabbing, John Woods, noodling

If you like to get bitten by the mouth that feeds you, it may be time to take up the sport of catfish handgrabbing. The season officially opened on May 1st and runs through the 15th of July. That is more than enough time to get up the nerve to stick your hand into the […] [...]

WOODS: MSU’s waterfowl research revealing

Waterfowl research being conducted by Mississippi State University professors and graduate students could have important impacts on habitat conservation and duck hunting in the Delta region of Mississippi. Specifically one recent piece of work being conducted and continues deals with a study of mallard duck survival in relation to habitat use. Ultimately a better understanding […] [...]

WOODS: Outdoors retailers start small, then expand

by Published: April 5,2013

Tags: hunting, John Woods, Mississippi, outdoors, retail

It is often quoted that small businesses in America are the lifeblood of new business starts and expansions. How many such Mississippi businesses can we think of that virtually started in a garage before they became highly recognized national companies in their own right? Peavey Electronics, Primos and Mossy Oak come immediately to mind. There […] [...]

WOODS: On becoming Yeti-fied

The secret for making big money in Corporate America is to infuse your brand name into everyday life. That brand has to be part of the discussion at the kitchen dinner table, in the break room at work, church parking lots after service, and the logo has to be visible everywhere you turn. Consumers are […] [...]

Mississippi’s greatest outdoor show

by Published: July 1,2012

Tags: conservation, John Woods, outdoors, wildlife

Even though we’re dead into the heat of another Mississippi summer, it is already time to start thinking about the fall, leaves changing, cooler weather, fishing without sweating, and finally, hunting seasons. Definitely this is my favorite time of year. Just around the corner on Aug. 3-5 at the Mississippi Trademart comes the biggest and […] [...]

Shopping for hunting land

by Published: June 3,2012

Tags: gaming and fish, hunting, John Woods, landowners

Whoever it was that said it’s a buyer’s market for hunting land is in serious need of revising their sound bites. From what I see and have had reported to me by interested buyers, a “buyers’ market” is anything but the truth when it comes to hunting land being easy to find and purchase. The […] [...]

You might be a redneck, if …

by Published: May 13,2012

Tags: fishing, hunting, John Woods, outdoors, redneck

For sure you might could be a real “gen-u-wine” Mississippi redneck if your name is Jim Bob Allgood and you are the owner/host of the popular Southern culture outdoor television series known as Redneck Adventures created and operated from Natchez. As Jim Bob describes his unique television vision, “Redneck Adventures is somewhere between the normal […] [...]

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