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A continual learner — Christopher Lumaghini keeps pushing forward to educate himself and become better

by Martin Willoughby Published: January 17,2014

Tags: Business, leaders, Mississippi

I continually look for exciting companies and young leaders that are making a difference in the state. These individuals have the vision, passion, and courage to take calculated risks and put ideas into action. I believe this entrepreneurial spirit is critical to Mississippi’s future. Christopher Lumaghini, president of Jackson-based Magnolia Data Solutions, is one of […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Don Glidewell leads Think Anew to healthy growth

by Martin Willoughby Published: November 8,2013

Tags: Business, leaders, Mississippi

I recently read an article in CNN/Money that Mississippi ranked in the Top 10 of new entrepreneurial activity based on the Kaufman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity. That was an encouraging statistic and a refreshing change from the usual news reports on Mississippi. I have worked with a number of Mississippi entrepreneurs over the years, and […] [...]

KEEPING OUR EYE ON … Tedrick Ratcliff

by Stephen McDill Published: November 8,2013

Tags: Business, leaders, Mississippi, youth

Growing up on a tree farm in rural Lincoln County, Brookhaven native Tedrick Ratcliff learned at a young age how to appreciate and cultivate some of the state’s finest timber resources. “I have always wanted to be a forester. Jokingly, I point back to pictures I created in kindergarten that had trees in them,” Ratcliff […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Treating with kindness as Christina Treppendahl grows center

by Martin Willoughby Published: November 1,2013

Tags: Business, JACKSON, leaders, Mississippi

One of the biggest challenges today in the marketplace is employee engagement. National surveys tell us that 70 percent of employees are not engaged in their work. This lack of engagement has a significant impact on the bottom line of businesses and our national economy. One of the key reasons for this lack of engagement […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Joey Havens grows with HORNE

by Martin Willoughby Published: October 18,2013

Tags: Business, HORNE, leaders, Mississippi

One of my mentors has a phrase he likes to say about the importance of people development — Productive People Produce Profits Period! He understands that great organizations are made up of great people. I believe leaders’ ability to develop people around them is a critical skill and increasingly important in today’s knowledge economy. When […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: David Pharr believes effective leaders should shun glory-seeking

by Martin Willoughby Published: September 13,2013

Tags: Business, Butler Snow, David Pharr, leaders, Martin Willoughby, Mississippi

I n my study of leaders, I have found a simple but common theme — they CARE. They think beyond themselves and work for the greater good. They have a servant mindset and want to elevate others. Some leaders extend their sphere of influence to impact the communities around them as well. They take an […] [...]

MISSISSIPPI LEADERS — Firm foundation as Smith-Howard leads MNF

by Martin Willoughby Published: September 6,2013

Tags: Business, leaders, Martin Willoughby, Mississippi

S ometimes when you first meet someone you can tell they are a natural born leader. They have a passion and enthusiasm for life that is contagious. John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Real leaders understand that leadership […] [...]

Leaders go to Washington for White House business briefing

JACKSON — More than 25 Jackson business leaders, including Mayor Harvey Johnson, former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove and State Sen. John Horhn, traveled to Washington, D.C., late last week to participate in a White House business leader briefing. Leaders from the Jackson business community provided feedback to Obama Administration officials on ways to work together to […] [...]

Hope makes career of developing empowered leaders

by Martin Willoughby Published: July 31,2011

Tags: column, leaders, Martin Willoughby, Sara Jane Hope, willoughby

One of the challenges for organizations is how to develop new leaders. First time supervisors need to learn how to make the transition to leading others. Often this involves the potentially awkward circumstance of managing co-workers that he or she used to work alongside. The common mistake is to just promote someone who was a […] [...]

‘No’ means being able to commit to ‘Yes’

by Martin Willoughby Published: July 25,2010

Tags: Cardinal Ventures, leaders, Martin Willoughby, MBJ column, MISSISSIPPI BUSINESS

In 1994, Quaker Oats purchased Snapple for $1.7 billion. They hoped to replicate the success they had with Gatorade. However, they failed miserably. After three years, Quaker Oats sold Snapple for just $300 million. In 1998, Daimler Benz merged with Chrysler to create Daimler Chrysler for $37 billion. However, by 2007, Daimler Benz sold Chrysler […] [...]

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