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Defining the gift of leadership

by Published: December 24,2012

Tags: leadership, Margaret Mosal, Rod Risley

William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli were two of Great Britain’s most influential statesman of the 19th century. While both achieved great things, their approach to dealing with people was very different. This is illustrated by a story that has been told of a young woman who dined with these famous men on consecutive nights. When […] [...]

Lucas to return to USM as search for Saunders’ replacement begins

HATTIESBURG — Former president Aubrey Lucas will be interim president at the University of Southern Mississippi while the board of trustees looks for a permanent successor to Martha Saunders. Lucas will officially become interim president July 1 but will begin the transition immediately, a news release from the board said. Saunders, who became USM’s ninth […] [...]

Assessing is the first step in leadership

A new leader’s first task is to assess the organization and determine what needs to be done. It is often referred to as surveying the environment. Some organizations need the new leader to take the organization to the next level; some organizations need to be shut down. Although these ideas presented here are primarily directed […] [...]

Challenging juncture

Hold on tightly. As we enter 2012, the pace of change in our economy is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. As Vince Poscente stated in his bestseller, “The Age of Speed,” “Speed is a fact of modern life.” This speed is driven by the pace of technological change in our society. Futurist and author […] [...]

Medicare and working folks: The myths and misgivings

by Published: July 3,2011

Tags: leadership, Medicare

LEADERSHIP ANYTOWN, MISSISSIPPI: YOUR TIME HAS COME … The staff of the Stennis Institute has been fortunate to have had a number of opportunities to speak to community Leadership classes around Mississippi. Such events afford us the chance to meet civic-minded citizens from Mississippi’s wonderful small towns and rural counties. It was at one such […] [...]

Loving business and industry

It is certainly a worthy effort to actively recruit new businesses to the state. Companies that choose to relocate or open a plant in Mississippi obviously can have a huge impact (e.g., Nissan). However, it is equally important to foster the growth and success of our existing businesses and budding entrepreneurs. It reminds me of […] [...]

Agostinelli makes the most of life and business

In order to remain competitive, companies have to look for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Many companies try to create distance from their competitors through major “bet the company” type initiatives. While there are sometimes a time and place for such bold endeavors, there is also a lot to be gained from maximizing […] [...]

Finding success through life lessons, shared experiences

As I travel the state and interview successful entrepreneurs and leaders, I am noticing some interesting patterns. The character traits of perseverance and strong work ethic continue to be key themes.  Interestingly, most of my interviewees began working young doing some type of job or even having their own entrepreneurial enterprise. I think about Robert […] [...]

An inspiration to all

Whenever I encounter passionate and enthusiastic leaders, I am always curious to learn more about them and the organizations they lead. Anyone who has met dean Jim Rosenblatt of the Mississippi College School of Law (MC Law) quickly recognizes that he is one of those kinds of leaders. His boundless energy and excitement about the […] [...]

New program is paying early dividends

Jackson Leadership Initiative Program began last October Two Jackson businesswomen’s vision has become a reality. Kim Wolford grew tired of watching young political science majors graduate and move away from Mississippi due to the lack of opportunity. Linda Brune felt those same college students needed to see how things work in government, up close and […] [...]

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