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Crump probably has never been to Mississippi

Editor: RE: “Idaho writer needs a Missisippi education” (Ross ReilyColumn, April 11) … Having traveled out west several times on trips that included Idaho, I did not see one thing that would lead me to say anything derogatory about the State of Idaho or the people who live there. In fact, except for the mountains, […] [...]

Country tortoise leads the condescending hares

by Published: August 8,2010

Tags: Haley Barbour, letters to editor

Editor, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is a rarity into today’s political world of media breathlessness and partisan blindness. He’s the countrified tortoise leading a pack of condescending hares. Barbour has been the adult in the crowd from Day One of the Gulf oil spill. All along he’s called for restraint in both media words and […] [...]

IPPs have no interest in helping Mississippians

Editor, I’ve read with interest your paper’s recent coverage of Mississippi Power Company’s IGCC plant and the Entergy E-RSC meetings. As a former Mississippi Public Service Commissioner privileged to have served the state and the people of Mississippi for more than 30 years, I believe the articles have done a disservice to your readers, utility […] [...]

MBJ should be ashamed

by Published: November 30,2009

Tags: Chris Evans, letters to editor, MBJ

Editor, I am not sure why the Mississippi Business Journal keeps picking on Charles and Chris Evans. The liberal media loves to find small business owners around the country and put them in tough situations just so you can exploit them for your own gains. Conservative America understands what is going on and movements like […] [...]

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