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WILLOUGHBY: Passing the baton to Abb Payne

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, both the men’s and women’s United States relay teams dropped the baton between the third and anchor leg of the relay races. These incredible athletes failed to make a critical transfer and it cost them victory on a very public stage. I think of this analogy when I consider succession […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Michael Harris is inspiring leadership

Leaders help us not only better understand our present reality; they also share a vision of what could be. Former presidential advisor David Gergen observed, “A leader’s role is to raise people’s aspirations for what they can become and to release their energies so they will try to get there.” Visionary leaders point us toward […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Ray Harrigill credits family for high standards, strong work ethic

Over the years, I have been pitched a number of big ideas from potential entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, too many of these entrepreneurs had failed to “count the costs” of truly executing on their ideas. A “get rich quick” philosophy will not get you very far in life. The successful leaders I know understand the value of […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: David Reynolds counts listening as key

People often think of effective leaders as “talkers.” While the ability to communicate is certainly important and leaders need to be able to share their vision with others, I believe it is equally important for leaders to be great “listeners.” I have heard it said, “We have two ears and only one mouth for a […] [...]

Bill Latham finds formula to grow restaurant concepts

In my work with growth-oriented companies, it is always a huge milestone when a business can go from successfully operating in one location to two. When the owner is “hands on” in the business, this can be particularly challenging. I see this frequently in retail and restaurant businesses. Many just don’t have the foundations in […] [...]

Keeping money at home

by Published: February 22,2013

Tags: Cirlot Agency, Liza Looser, Martin Willoughby

One of the things I enjoy about travel is I am reminded about just how much commerce is taking place around the globe. For Mississippi-based companies, the opportunities are incredible. There are new markets to develop all the time. One of my clients that started right here in Jackson a few years ago is now […] [...]

Regions’s Garraway on being a good leader

Leadership is certainly important all the time, but it is particularly important during turbulent times. I remember a speaker once saying, “If you are not in challenging times now, then brace yourself, they are on the way.” The point is not to have “stinking thinking,” but to recognize the reality that there are challenging times […] [...]

Susan Garrard encourages people to be a leader, make commitments

As a speaker, one of the most awkward moments is when you call for volunteers. All of the sudden, everyone has a new fascination with their shoelaces. All you can see is the top of everyone’s head as everyone is desperately trying to avoid eye contact! While I share that in jest, I am sure […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Taking Sanderson Farms to the top

by Published: January 4,2013

Tags: Lampkin Butts, Martin Willoughby, Sanderson Farms

I often share with people that one of my primary goals in writing this column is to broaden the perspective on what Mississippi-based companies can accomplish. Too often, I think we buy in to negative stereotypes about our capabilities in this state, and we create a false ceiling on what we can achieve. Sanderson Farms […] [...]

Bill and Liz Brister take American pride in products

by Published: December 14,2012

Tags: American Station, Made in the USA, Martin Willoughby

It’s the time of year to open up our pocketbooks and participate in supporting our retail economy in this country. Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, we have been prodded to get in gear to do our holiday shopping. A few years ago, Bill and Elizabeth (Liz) Brister were lamenting the loss […] [...]

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