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Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party: Any common ground?

It was bound to happen. Over the last couple of years the TEA Party has had such public areas as the Washington Mall and Capitol Hill virtually all to themselves. Their presence and enthusiasm served as living proof that the greatest government guarantee on the globe today – the 1st Amendment to the United States […] [...]

Unpeeling the Republican onion

by Published: October 9,2011

Tags: Marty Wiseman, MBJ column, Mitt Romney, republicans, Rick Perry

Like it or not, the Presidential election campaign is upon us. It is quite amazing that the process of electing a President is now a two-year ordeal – fully half of a four-year Presidential term. As the trite saying goes, “it is what it is” so we all best get ready. The able staff of […] [...]

PERS: An unnecessary predicament

The growing tempest enveloping the Public Employees Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) did not have to happen. That is not to say that its current status as being 65 percent funded should not be given some attention. Nevertheless, as has been pointed out a number of times, the Mississippi system is in relatively good health, […] [...]

The 2011 governor’s race and political imperatives facing Mississippi’s future

As we embark on this year’s general election campaign for governor, the question has arisen as to the number one policy issue that should be addressed by the candidates. In a state like Mississippi where there are so many needs there is no shortage of worthy initiatives for which a case can be made to […] [...]

A look at the pros and cons of home associations

by Published: August 21,2011

Tags: home associations, homeowners, Marty Wiseman

Mr. and Mrs. Binder do not want to renew their homeowners’ association dues, but they will be legally forced to if they do not pay up. Mr. and Mrs. Washington on the other hand are not going to renew their homeowners’ association dues this year, but nothing will happen to them. Why the difference? The […] [...]

Looking for a old lunchbox

by Published: August 14,2011

Tags: 2011 primaries, governor's race, Marty Wiseman, MBJ column

As the first round of the 2011 primaries is in the books, things are very similar to what they might have been 40 years ago. While one party is packing up the campaign materials and anticipating taking the respective oaths of office, the other is looking for bright spots where it can find them. The […] [...]

The nature of the ‘Political Base’

by Published: July 31,2011

Tags: Marty Wiseman, MBJ column, political campaign

If you have paid even passing attention to the news lately you have no doubt heard multiple references to one political leader or another’s “political base.” This is because the task of solving problems in the political arena in a bi-partisan fashion is becoming more difficult than ever. Compromise as a path to policy agreement […] [...]

The congressional recess: A stroll down memory lane

by Published: April 24,2011

Tags: Marty Wiseman, MBJ Columns

The two-week Easter recess could not have come at a better time for members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Now, albeit briefly, they can relax their grips on each other’s throats, and we can use the time to take a deep breath and assess where we are. Perhaps most of us […] [...]

Washington not wasted on the young

Perhaps my favorite work-related week of the year has become the one where I am able to observe college students become exposed to that disease or opportunity known as “Potomac Fever.” To the cynical older folks among us “Potomac Fever” is a malady to be dreaded. After all, how can one spend all day cussing […] [...]

Longing again for a two-party state

by Published: March 13,2011

Tags: Marty Wiseman, MBJ Columns

During my college days I well remember that a common theme among guest lecturers and political dignitaries alike was the need to have a balanced two-party system in the State of Mississippi. Admittedly this opinion would often be delivered with no small amount of smugness on the part of the faux benevolent Democratic Party-oriented speaker. […] [...]

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