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Costs, impacts of incentive deals

“Gov. Haley Barbour has asked the Legislature to approve $175 million in incentives for California-based Calisolar and start-up HCL CleanTech to open facilities in Mississippi — projects expected to create direct jobs for 1,800 people.” Clarion-Ledger, Sept. 1, 2011 When this writer read that sentence he immediately got out a calculator and did the math. […] [...]

Living as part of the ‘in-between’ generation

I grew up in the 60s and 70s in South Mississippi. Our house was in one of the new subdivisions of modest homes. Of course, it was segregated. I remember going to Dr. Benefield’s clinic and waiting in the whites only portion. I noticed another room beyond the partition, but I was clueless about the […] [...]

Practical not the way to describe government

by Published: September 11,2011

Tags: MBJ column, Nancy Anderson

I’m getting ready to climb out on a limb. For the past few years, I’ve kept my mouth shut and listened to piles of manure being spouted by both sides. I’m not a small government or a big government person. I’m a reasonable government person. In fact, I’m just a reasonable person — practical to […] [...]

The 2011 governor’s race and political imperatives facing Mississippi’s future

As we embark on this year’s general election campaign for governor, the question has arisen as to the number one policy issue that should be addressed by the candidates. In a state like Mississippi where there are so many needs there is no shortage of worthy initiatives for which a case can be made to […] [...]

The Fed doing its job way it was meant to be

by Published: September 4,2011

Tags: MBJ column, Mind Over Money, Nancy Anderson

Hgh treason? Them’s fighting words! I must come to the defense of the Fed. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 in response to the booms and busts in our economy. Booms were great, but the busts were causing too much pain. We were looking for a way to smooth out our business cycle, and […] [...]

Marketing your home for rent

by Published: September 4,2011

Tags: MBJ column, Phil Hardwick

In today’s real estate market many home sellers who must move are facing some tough choices. They can take a lower price for their property in the hope that it will sell sooner than later, they can wait in the hope that the market will improve or they can rent. For sellers who do not […] [...]

For whom the school bells toll

by Published: August 28,2011

Tags: MBJ column, Wiseman

Amidst all of the turmoil and government bashing that has characterized our long hot summer, Mississippi educators have plodded on toward the beginning of yet another school year. Surely the phrase “do more with less” was memorized long ago by those who are charged with elevating our younger generation into national and international competitiveness with […] [...]

Will technology kill the classroom experience?

by Published: August 28,2011

Tags: education, MBJ column, Nancy Anderson

Education is a business. And this business gets more competitive each year. Public colleges in the State of Mississippi are governed by boards. Each institution is limited to a certain geographical section of the state. The idea was to provide educational services to citizens in a particular locale. While private colleges don’t operate under these […] [...]

Looking for a old lunchbox

by Published: August 14,2011

Tags: 2011 primaries, governor's race, Marty Wiseman, MBJ column

As the first round of the 2011 primaries is in the books, things are very similar to what they might have been 40 years ago. While one party is packing up the campaign materials and anticipating taking the respective oaths of office, the other is looking for bright spots where it can find them. The […] [...]

Where are job creators we keep hearing about?

by Published: August 14,2011

Tags: MBJ column, Mind Over Money, Nancy Anderson

The moon is made of green cheese. The moon is made of green cheese. The moon is made of green cheese. I’m testing a theory that saying something enough times makes it so. It seems to be the way marketing (and politics) works. I’m so tired of hearing about “job creators.” Supposedly, these are the […] [...]

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