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Freedom Riders are back after 50 years

by Published: March 27,2011

Tags: Dr. William Martin Wiseman, MBJ Columns

While teaching a class this past semester in Mississippi Government and Politics I raised the question as to who were Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Chaney. Only three of 30 students had ever heard of them. While I will admit to struggling with the process of adapting to my age relative to college students […] [...]

Woo goes extra mile for patients

by Published: March 27,2011

Tags: Dr. Wayne Woo, Martin Willoughby, MBJ Columns

For people in a service business, it is important to consider the perspective of the customer. It is not just about the service itself, it is also about the “experience” of the service. From first contact to final payment, your customers are creating impressions about your business. Every customer interaction has the potential to help […] [...]

Swoope to sell a diminished Florida

by Published: March 20,2011

Tags: MBJ Columns, Ted Carter

As the president-designate of Enterprise Florida, Gray Swoope is venturing into a two-decade-old experiment that is facing its biggest challenge yet in surviving as a public-private endeavor. A new governor wants to resurrect the agency Enterprise Florida replaced — the Department of Commerce, though Swoope is designated to run that, as well. The department, of […] [...]

Mississippi: A state of change

by Published: March 20,2011

Tags: MBJ Columns, Phil Hardwick

Communities are constantly changing. Some change relatively slowly, as the decennial census data is revealing. Others change rather rapidly as exemplified by the civil uprisings in the Middle East. Still others change almost instantly because of natural disasters, as evidenced by recent earthquakes and floods. As census data comes out it is apparent that the […] [...]

Millsaps’ Donovan will help business students find the way

by Published: March 20,2011

Tags: Joe Donovan, Martin Willoughby, MBJ Columns

I am a strong believer that it’s critically important to build an ecosystem to encourage entrepreneurial development in our state. One of the keys to accomplishing this goal is the support and emphasis from our institutions of higher learning. There are some innovative things going on around the state including a strong commitment from Millsaps […] [...]

Longing again for a two-party state

by Published: March 13,2011

Tags: Marty Wiseman, MBJ Columns

During my college days I well remember that a common theme among guest lecturers and political dignitaries alike was the need to have a balanced two-party system in the State of Mississippi. Admittedly this opinion would often be delivered with no small amount of smugness on the part of the faux benevolent Democratic Party-oriented speaker. […] [...]

Smith uses technology for his supply chain

Some people call it fate or luck. Others may consider it God’s providence. Regardless, it is interesting to me to see how our lives and careers are often shaped by unforeseen twists and turns. Ed Smith, chief supply chain and contracts management officer for the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), has been actively involved […] [...]

Words to remember the shuttle program by: We were lucky

by Published: March 6,2011

Tags: MBJ Columns, NASA, Ted Carter

The highlights of a new NASA internal safety study are sobering, but hardly breaking news to the Cape workers who begin occupying the bar stools at Neeka’s in Titusville by six every morning. They go there for a beer and a shot as they come off the midnight shift at Kennedy Space Center 15 miles […] [...]

A census question and answer

by Published: March 3,2011

Tags: MBJ Columns, Phil Hardwick

(1) What is migration, and what is the difference between in-migration and out-migration? The 2010 census data are resulting in a plethora of local news articles about population growth and decline.  Many community leaders are cheering because their communities had a population increase. As sports commentator Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast my friend.” […] [...]

Capitalism and representative Democracy

by Published: February 27,2011

Tags: Marty Wiseman, MBJ Columns

As we look at the recent rhetoric surrounding the federal budget and the Cairo-like demonstrations in Madison, Wis., it would be easy to get the idea that the relationship between free market capitalism and American-style representative democracy is threatened with coming apart. In reality, American democracy and capitalism need each other even if their adherents […] [...]

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