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Stanley: Communication is key for success in business

Ronald Reagan, our 40th President, was known as “The Great Communicator.” He earned this title because of his skill in communicating complex issues in easy to understand terms people could understand. He also projected an optimism that inspired people. He deeply cared if his audience connected with his message, so he would seek honest feedback […] [...]

Saving the post office, or not

by Published: February 6,2011

Tags: MBJ Columns, Phil Hardwick

The U.S. Postal Service is in chaos. That is not necessarily a bad thing because it must change. And for fundamental change to occur in an organization there must be chaos, which is defined as a state of disorder or confusion. Let us look at some examples of the chaos and the ways that the […] [...]

Self respect key for Hogan

by Published: February 6,2011

Tags: Beverly Hogan, Martin Willoughby, MBJ Columns

One of the traits I have noticed about successful leaders is respect. While leaders certainly may have the respect of the public, what I mean is that great leaders respect themselves and other people. In contrast, leaders who live for the limelight and attention I believe ultimately make poor leaders.   A respect for yourself […] [...]

Intuitiveness leads Lee to success

by Published: January 30,2011

Tags: Jonathan Lee, Martin Willoughby, MBJ Columns

Sometimes we get time to prepare and train for leadership roles, and sometime it comes when we least expect it. Shakespeare famously wrote, “Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” It is interesting how we may have the best-laid plans, but unforeseeable circumstances can take us on […] [...]

Khayat always candid and realistic as leader

Great leaders often serve at a pivot point in an organization’s history.  A great leader is truly the right person at the right time in the right place. I am always impressed by leaders who are reluctant to serve, but through time and circumstance are pressed into service. Some of the great leaders in history […] [...]

Back on federal merry-go-round

by Published: January 16,2011

Tags: Marty Wiseman, MBJ Columns

President Ronald Reagan’s dream of a return to the practice of “dual federalism” as described in the original constitution is coming closer to reality. Dual federalism is a term used by those who attempt to sort out and describe the relationships between the national, state and local levels of government within our federal system. Over […] [...]

There are bright spots to be optimistic about

The annual banquet for the Mississippi Economic Education Council is a chance to celebrate advances in the economic and financial literacy in our state. We give awards to primary and secondary teachers for their innovative lessons in the field. We listen to teenagers talk about starting their own businesses and about learning to invest. We […] [...]

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