Mississippi’s deer herd and hunting status

It won’t be long now. Shots will be ringing out in the woods all across the state as the much anticipated deer hunting firearms seasons will commence before the end of the month is out. It is that favorite part of the whole year for tens of thousands of Mississippi outdoors people. Hunters, families, and […] [...]

Mississippi standing by Millennium

by Published: September 25,2011

Tags: agriculture, hunting, John Woods, OUTDOORS WITH DR. JOHN WOODS

I hate it when that happens. Deer camp partner calls last week to give me the bad news. During the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee apparently we had some pretty strong winds blow through Holmes County across our property. It blew the covers off some of our tripod stands and wrecked general havoc knocking down […] [...]

Hunting land lease dilemma

by Published: July 3,2011

Tags: agriculture, hunting, land, OUTDOORS WITH DR. JOHN WOODS

A number of things in this world are much easier to find than a good hunting land lease. Among the items on that list would be the proverbial needle in a haystack, a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, a conservative democrat, a leprechaun, clear traffic on the I-20/55 stack and my […] [...]

Handling largemouth jerks an art

by Published: June 5,2011

Tags: bass, fishing, jerk, OUTDOORS WITH DR. JOHN WOODS

First, let’s get this clear and out in the open. I am not a bass fisherman. Oh, I have caught a few largemouth lunkers in my day that is for sure. I think the last one nearly twisted the spring out of the scale at two pounds. This personal best of mine of course gives […] [...]

Start a spring seed program

by Published: April 10,2011


While the debate rages on in various circles around the state including a lot of hunting camps about the population size of white-tailed deer we have in Mississippi, there are no issues with wanting to build better quality deer. I’ve yet to meet a deer hunter that is not interested in taking a bigger buck […] [...]

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