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Rural libraries: The lifeblood of small towns in Mississippi

by Published: August 7,2011

Tags: MBJ column, Phil Hardwick, rural libraries, small towns

Recently I had the opportunity to visit eight libraries in rural towns in Mississippi during the course of one week. These libraries ranged from a two-room facility smaller than some master bedrooms to a full-service, modern library that offered a full range of activities for the community. Below are 10 things that I learned about […] [...]

Dealing with neighborhood life cycles

by Published: July 24,2011

Tags: MBJ column, Phil Hardwick

The 2010 census served as a wake-up call for more than a few communities. Many local officials saw the numbers and realized that even though their cities might be growing overall there were parts that were changing in ways that were not anticipated. It became time to learn about neighborhood life cycles. Most things have […] [...]

Mississippi winery a shining star

by Published: June 26,2011

Tags: Phil Hardwick, winery

Winston County, Miss., is on a roll. Sales tax collections are up, there are no vacancies on Main Street, Chamber of Commerce membership is growing, there is a great new restaurant downtown and there is even a new winery in town. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet, which […] [...]

10 responsibilities of a nonprofit board

by Published: May 29,2011

Tags: MBJ column, nonprofit, Phil Hardwick

If you have been asked to serve on a nonprofit board of directors it is now more important than ever that you understand what such service involves and that you treat seriously your responsibilities. First, did you know that most nonprofit organizations are now required to file a Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service […] [...]

Apathy and civic engagement

by Published: May 1,2011

Tags: civic engagement, MBJ column, Phil Hardwick

When it comes to civic engagement — voting, participation in town meetings, political involvement and the like — apathy is often cited as the primary reason that most people do not get involved. Dave Meslin, a community activist and self-described “rabble-rouser” in Toronto, Canada, says that we need to redefine apathy not as some internal […] [...]

Product placement at City Hall

by Published: April 17,2011

Tags: advertising, MBJ column, Phil Hardwick

Advertising is now so ubiquitous that no one in any place is spared from messaging by commercial interests. It is estimated that the typical person will be exposed to 300 to 700 messages per day. And that is for people who do not surf the Internet. Will city hall be the next hallowed ground to […] [...]

Mississippi: A state of change

by Published: March 20,2011

Tags: MBJ Columns, Phil Hardwick

Communities are constantly changing. Some change relatively slowly, as the decennial census data is revealing. Others change rather rapidly as exemplified by the civil uprisings in the Middle East. Still others change almost instantly because of natural disasters, as evidenced by recent earthquakes and floods. As census data comes out it is apparent that the […] [...]

A census question and answer

by Published: March 3,2011

Tags: MBJ Columns, Phil Hardwick

(1) What is migration, and what is the difference between in-migration and out-migration? The 2010 census data are resulting in a plethora of local news articles about population growth and decline.  Many community leaders are cheering because their communities had a population increase. As sports commentator Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast my friend.” […] [...]

Newspapers and an online strategy that doesn’t always pay

by Published: February 20,2011

Tags: newspapers, online strategy, Phil Hardwick

For a news junkie like me these are the best of times. For newspapers, especially small town ones, these are times filled with apprehension and opportunity. And it is all because of technology and the Internet. Today, people in rural communities and smaller towns, especially those that lack affordable high-speed Internet access, will most likely […] [...]

Saving the post office, or not

by Published: February 6,2011

Tags: MBJ Columns, Phil Hardwick

The U.S. Postal Service is in chaos. That is not necessarily a bad thing because it must change. And for fundamental change to occur in an organization there must be chaos, which is defined as a state of disorder or confusion. Let us look at some examples of the chaos and the ways that the […] [...]

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