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Saving the post office, or not

by Phil Hardwick Published: February 6,2011

Tags: MBJ Columns, Phil Hardwick

The U.S. Postal Service is in chaos. That is not necessarily a bad thing because it must change. And for fundamental change to occur in an organization there must be chaos, which is defined as a state of disorder or confusion. Let us look at some examples of the chaos and the ways that the […] [...]

Are you a geographic genius?

by Phil Hardwick Published: January 23,2011

Tags: MBJ column, Phil Hardwick

Community leaders seem to love the idea of capturing the essence of their city, town or village with a motto, slogan or moniker. Sometimes these words of description bring pride and enthusiasm. Sometimes they outlive their usefulness and become the brunt of jokes. Whatever the case, it is a fascinating exercise to attempt to connect […] [...]

Let’s make a deal is key concept

by Phil Hardwick Published: January 9,2011

Tags: MBJ column, Phil Hardwick

The other day I was talking with a CEO who had moved his rather large business (over 200 employees) from downtown to the suburbs. There were many factors involved, he said, but the thing that made the decision easy was that, “I was offered a deal that I could not refuse.” Conversely, a real estate […] [...]

‘Coopertition’… The new strategy for working together

by Phil Hardwick Published: January 2,2011

Tags: MBJ column, Phil Hardwick

Economic development is a competitive business. States, in particular, are often pitted against each other in an effort to land major job-creating prospects. And yet in this age of regionalism it is sometimes necessary for states to cooperate with each other. At a recent luncheon sponsored by the Mississippi Economic Development Council two of the […] [...]

Bringing broadband to rural Mississippi is gaining steam

by Phil Hardwick Published: December 12,2010

Tags: editorial, Phil Hardwick

If they gave a national Internet user party and invited only 10 people per state who were a representative sample of each state, only six people from Mississippi could attend. That is because Mississippi has a 59.3 percent Internet penetration rate, the lowest in the United States. It also has the lowest broadband, or high-speed, […] [...]

This little dollar stayed home; will yours do the same?

by Phil Hardwick Published: November 28,2010

Tags: column, Phil Hardwick

Here is the tale of two dollars. One stayed at home. One went to another town. Once upon a time there were two dollars. They each lived with their owners in the small town of Make Believe in rural Mississippi. Make Believe was a nice little town. There was a Main Street that had lots […] [...]

The leadership styles of President Obama

by Phil Hardwick Published: November 14,2010

Tags: COLUMNS, Phil Hardwick

What is President Obama’s leadership style? Before answering that question it would be appropriate to define the term.  What is “style?”  It is simply the way that something is done.  In the college football world one hears a lot about “style points” these days.  It refers to how a team wins, i.e., by how many […] [...]

Kindle, iPad or the old pen and pad?

by Phil Hardwick Published: October 31,2010

Tags: Amazon Kindle, MBJ column, Phil Hardwick

About a month ago I bought a Kindle e-book reader.  In this column I’ll tell you why a chose the Kindle instead of other e-book readers, including the iPad.  I’ll also discuss why a Kindle may be right for me, but not right for you. Amazon released its first e-book reader in Nov. 2007.  It […] [...]

House detective: Learning the history for your house

by Phil Hardwick Published: October 17,2010

Tags: column, house detective, Phil Hardwick

Recently a neighbor asked if I knew when my house was built.  I immediately went to the bathroom. Now before you get the wrong idea, it should be known that the bathroom, more specifically, the commode, is often a good source of information about when a house was built.  That is because many, if not […] [...]

Red, Fred discuss federal spending and their town

by Phil Hardwick Published: October 3,2010

Tags: column, Phil Hardwick

It is time once again to drop in on Red and Fred, those self-perceived sages of wisdom on all things having to do with economic and community development. They are sitting in the booth at the local diner. This time they are discussing the state of the national economy and how it will affect their […] [...]

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