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Elections have consequences

by Published: November 20,2011

Tags: election, Politics, republicans

As the fog finally lifts over the 2011 Mississippi elections it has become clear that for the first time ever Mississippi will have a Republican Party majority in the Mississippi House of Representatives, the Mississippi Senate, a Republican Lieutenant Governor and a Republican speaker of the house as well as a republican governor. If Mississippi […] [...]

Unpeeling the Republican onion

by Published: October 9,2011

Tags: Marty Wiseman, MBJ column, Mitt Romney, republicans, Rick Perry

Like it or not, the Presidential election campaign is upon us. It is quite amazing that the process of electing a President is now a two-year ordeal – fully half of a four-year Presidential term. As the trite saying goes, “it is what it is” so we all best get ready. The able staff of […] [...]

LaForge issues statement on earkmark debate

Cleveland native Bill LaForge, a past national president of the Federal Bar Association, has issued a statement on the topic of earmarks that has become a national issue and rallying cry in the recent national elections. LaForge calls the efforts to eliminate earmarks as “shortsighted”, giving all of the budgeting power to the executive branch. […] [...]

GOP’s Steele apologizes for mistakes

by Published: April 12,2010

Tags: elections, Politics, republicans

NEW ORLEANS — In damage control mode, GOP national chairman Michael Steele has sought to quell the furor over his management of the Republican National Committee by acknowledging errors and vowing to learn from them. “I’m the first here to admit that I’ve made mistakes, and it’s been incumbent on me to take responsibility to […] [...]

Tegerdine gets support from Tea Party

by Published: March 22,2010

Tags: Congress, conservatives, elections, republicans, Tea Party

GULFPORT — Two South Mississippi conservative groups have announced the endorsement of a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 4th Congressional District. The Mississippi Gulf Coast 912 Group and the 912 Project Hattiesburg have officially endorsed Joe Tegerdine, a Republican candidate who is running against 20-year incumbent, Gene Taylor, a Democrat, in […] [...]

Obama tries to reach out to GOP

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said today he was open to four new Republican proposals on health care legislation, in a gesture of bipartisanship meant to jump-start his stalled drive to overhaul the system. Obama detailed the ideas, all of which were raised at a bipartisan health care summit last week, in a letter to […] [...]

White House looking to flank GOP on healthcare

WASHINGTON — The White House and congressional leaders are preparing a detailed healthcare proposal designed to win passage without Republican support if GOP lawmakers fail to embrace bipartisan compromises at President Barack Obama’s summit next week. A senior White House official said yesterday that Democratic negotiators are resolving final differences in House and Senate health […] [...]

GOP fears healthcare summit is ‘trap’

WASHINGTON — Even as Republicans publicly welcome President Barack Obama’s call for a bipartisan confab on healthcare, some privately worry that he might be laying a trap to portray their ideas as flimsy. If so, a shaky showing by GOP leaders could possibly embolden congressional Democrats to make a final, aggressive push to overhaul the […] [...]

Republicans cool to healthcare talk on TV

WASHINGTON — Republicans gave a chilly reception yesterday to President Barack Obama’s invitation to discuss healthcare in a bipartisan, televised setting later this month, part of the White House effort to revive the stalled legislation. The House and Senate GOP leaders said Obama and his fellow Democrats must shelve their long-debated healthcare bill, which was […] [...]

Supreme Court rolls back campaign spending limits

by Published: January 21,2010

Tags: Democrats, republicans, Supreme Court, Voting

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that corporations may spend as freely as they like to support or oppose candidates for president and Congress, easing decades-old limits on business efforts to influence federal campaigns. By a 5-4 vote, the court overturned a 20-year-old ruling that said companies can be prohibited from using money from […] [...]

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