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BOOK BIZ: Lisa Howorth’s first novel opens old family secrets

In the spirit of supporting Mississippi writers and Mississippi independent bookstores, we’re doing both this week by shining the spotlight on Flying Shoes by Lisa Howorth, co-owner of Square Books in Oxford. It’s her first novel and is receiving high praise from reviewers across the country. Although not a native Mississippian, Howorth moved to Oxford […] [...]

Choctaw Books closes doors after 3 decades of book business

Choctaw Books owner Fred Smith is emphatic that customers understand why all of his books are marked down 30 percent. “It’s a store closing sale. I’m not going out of business,” Smith says from behind a desk piled high with books and appraisal orders. “Its not like I’m dying.” It’s been a busy month for […] [...]

State’s booksellers are skeptical of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, the Internet’s trendy new way to fund everything from music videos to medical procedures, has caught the eye of independent booksellers struggling to keep their doors open. The New York Times recently reported that book dealers in San Francisco and New York City were resorting to asking for donations on popular crowdfunding sites like […] [...]

“Civilwarland in Bad Decline”

There’s an erudite, bookish gas station attendant in Oxford, and I’d like to meet him. Maybe he’s a budding writer. We book lovers are always keen to be introduced to a new author, book or genre; meaning it is new to us even though it may have been “out” for a while. A young friend […] [...]

The Marriage Plot: Award-winning author returns with compelling novel

There are several things to recommend “The Marriage Plot” — he author is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer; for the literary minded, the book is full of ‘bookish’ issues and mentions of great novels; and the owner of Square Books, Richard Howarth, thinks it is good. “In the opening third of Jeffrey Eugenides’ brilliant new novel […] [...]

Book attempts to solve mystery of who killed the movies

by Published: July 17,2011

Tags: Book Biz, Square Books, Walking to Hollywood, Will Self

It’s difficult to classify the works of British novelist and journalist Will Self. He explores the vanities of modern life and takes no prisoners. His latest, “Walking to Hollywood,” is no exception. The book jacket announces that the tale is a “trip through the unreality of our culture.” It provides a satirical view of Hollywood, […] [...]

Book Biz: Square Books touts Dean Faulkner Wells’ book about Oxford’s famous family

Square Books owner Richard Howarth feels Dean Faulkner Wells has written the definitive memoir of her famous uncle and other family members. After all there have been numerous books that sought to bring her famous uncle to life; some of them also written by family members and some by family friends. “There is no one […] [...]

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