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HARDWICK: Looking for contacts? They are everywhere you turn

Businesses enter into contracts with consumers and other businesses every day. If I could wave a magic wand he would require every person to take a course in business law, especially the law as it relates to contracts. Every year there are thousands of cases filed in local courts, federal courts and through arbitration and […] [...]

HARDWICK: Tipping still not an exact science

by Published: August 30,2013

Tags: economic development, Phil Hardwick, Stennis Institute

Tipping, a $40-billion item in the U.S. economy, is a subject about which there is no universal agreement. Although there are guidelines written about in numerous articles, it seems that the issue is getting more confusing. Some businesses have a policy against tipping. Some even say that tipping should be banned. To illustrate the wide […] [...]

WISEMAN: The boys and girls of summer

by Published: August 23,2013

Tags: Marty Wiseman, Politics, Stennis Institute

It is August. And that means that it is time to prepare to compete. It has become a modern tradition. Each year during the month of August the intensity reaches a fever pitch. Sweat pours from the brow of those preparing to enter the fray. The coaching is intense from those who will never, themselves, […] [...]

WISEMAN: Mississippi Municipalities: Keeping hope alive

by Published: August 9,2013

Tags: Marty Wiseman, municipalities, Stennis Institute

Perhaps my favorite gatherings over the course of my professional year are those that involve the Mississippi Municipal League. This organization, commonly referred to as the “MML,” recently held its annual conference. Old acquaintances and a large influx of newly elected officials from Mississippi’s cities and towns only served to renew my respect for this […] [...]

HARDWICK: Creating effective slogans, mottos and taglines

What’s in a name? Or what’s in a slogan, motto or tagline? The answer is that it is quite a lot if the goal is to increase sales or make the organization more memorable. Slogans and mottos serve to immediately describe an organization without having to go to the “About Us” or “Mission Statement” section […] [...]

HARDWICK: Making decisions close to the customer

One of the biggest challenges for big business is establishing policies and procedures for employees who deal directly with customers. The best companies seem to have mastered the concept of “making decisions close to the customer.” My recent experiences with two well- known companies illustrate the challenges of how much authority an employee has when […] [...]

WISEMAN: Partisanship in municipal elections

The 2013 round of municipal elections is behind us and they provided some very interesting scenarios to be considered in greater detail. If there was a story of statewide interest in the elections it would have to be the vigorous and highly orchestrated effort of the Mississippi Republican Party to weigh in on some carefully […] [...]

HARDWICK: Choosing the best lease as an entrepreneur

Whether you are a one person entrepreneur or the vice president of real estate for a national retail chain it is important to understand the basics of leasing, and the more common types of leases. In general, commercial and retail leases can be classified as a gross lease, a net lease or a percentage lease. […] [...]

WISEMAN: Municipalities are beachheads of opportunity

by Published: May 17,2013

Tags: Marty Wiseman, municipalities, Stennis Institute

In a recent Tuesday the streets of many of our municipalities were lined with fellow citizens and supporters of mayoral, aldermanic and council candidates waving signs and banners in behalf of their favorites. It was gratifying to see such an outpouring because in many of these towns the stakes are perhaps higher than they have […] [...]

WISEMAN: Five Presidents and an enduring constitution

by Published: May 3,2013

Tags: government, Marty Wiseman, Stennis Institute

The United States, though still a young country by comparison, has the oldest continuous constitution of any country in existence in the world today. On rare occasions an event takes place that reminds us of the uniqueness of our country. Such an event took place two weeks ago in Texas. Although we had very little […] [...]

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