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Reeves wins election

by MBJ Staff Published: March 29,2013

Tags: GOP, government, Tate Reeves

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves has been elected vice chairman of the Republican Lieutenant Governors Association. He will serve as chairman of the organization during the crucial 2014 election cycle. The RLGA is the only national organization committed to raising money and assisting Republicans in their campaigns for lieutenant governor. [...]

Nissan bond bill advances

The Senate passed with little debate Wednesday a bill that would authorize the Madison County Economic Development Authority to issue up to $100 million in bonds for an expansion of the Nissan plant in Canton. The bonds would not be general obligation, but would be classified as revenue-only. Nissan would service the bonds via lease […] [...]

Ricky Nobile- March 22, 2013

by Ricky Nobile Published: March 22,2013

Tags: Medicaid funding, Mississippi State Legislature, Phillip Gunn, Tate Reeves


Hospital execs strike urgent note on alternatives to Medicaid expansion

The Mississippi Legislature is set to adjourn April 7 with no deal in sight on a federal offer to expand Medicaid. The ticking clock has executives of hospitals around the state worried that time will expire and hospitals and the entire health care sector will suffer the consequences, putting about 9,000 jobs at risk. Ahead […] [...]

Ag chief seeks $40 million to create 21st century Mississippi Coliseum

Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith sees Jackson’s best hope for becoming a crossroads for large-scale exhibitions, professional entertainment and music concerts resting within the confines of the 51-year-old Mississippi Coliseum. To that end, she is lobbying legislators for around $40 million to overhaul the building. She had initially planned to seek $30 million for renovations […] [...]

March 8, 2013- Ricky Nobile

by Ricky Nobile Published: March 8,2013

Tags: Mississippi State Legislature, Politics, ricky nobile, Tate Reeves


February 22, 2013- Ricky Nobile

by MBJ Staff Published: February 22,2013

Tags: Phil Bryant, ricky nobile, Tate Reeves


Harper expects fiscal sequester if Dems don’t drop tax insistence

by Ted Carter Published: February 22,2013

Tags: Barack Obama, defense cuts, federal spending, fiscal sequester, Gregg Harper, Tate Reeves, U.S. Congress

Get used to the idea of $85 billion in automatic cuts to defense and domestic programs starting next Friday under a sequester deal Congress made with the White House in August 2011. At least that’s the indication U.S. Rep. Gregg Harper gave during a stop last Wednesday at the Mississippi Capitol for the Madison County […] [...]

Legislature divided over Department of Revenue destination

Whiplash could be a consequence of watching recent action in the Legislature to determine the next home of the Mississippi Department of Revenue. The day before a bill to put the DOR headquarters in downtown Jackson’s Landmark Center via a purchase passed the Senate on a 48-2 vote, House Speaker Philip Gunn successfully pushed a […] [...]

January 4, 2013- Ricky Nobile

by MBJ Staff Published: January 5,2013

Tags: Phil Bryant, ricky nobile, Tate Reeves


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