If measured by $ to Iowa candidates, Barbour running for pres

January 10, 2011


By Amy McCullough

In the most recent issue of WORLD magazine, columnist Mindy Belz cites information from the Des Moines Register that could indicate a Haley Barbour run for president is very likely.

In addition to visiting Iowa, “Another measure of presidential interest is which of these prospective candidates contributed to Iowa candidates in 2010 mid-term elections via their own or other political action committees:

* Gingrich: $107,000

* Pawlenty: $90,000

* Romney: $70,000

* Santorum: $45,000

* Palin: $15,000

* Huckabee: $15,000

* Barbour: helped raised $2 million in contributions to winning candidate for governor Terry Branstad.”

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