Jackson Women’s Health: “The governor doesn’t have a uterus”

April 17, 2012

Legal Affairs

Betty Thompson, spokesperson for the only abortion clinic in Mississippi, has sounded off on Gov. Bryant’s recent signing of a bill that would further regulate abortion in the state.

“The governor doesn’t have a uterus,” Thompson told the MBJ on Tuesday. “I like the governor fine but he’s not a woman. They want to push us back to 1940 and it’s so unfair.”

While the owners and directors of Jackson Women’s Health Organization are looking into the option of a challenge, Thompson said they will comply with the law.

“We hope that the hospitals will be receptive to talking to us when that time comes,” Thompson said.

While the clinic does counsel patients on birth control and adoption options, the Mississippi Department of Health reportedly logged more than 2,000 “induced terminations” for Mississippi in 2010. Thompson said in the “rare event” that there were a complication the clinic would want its physician to be able to accompany the patient to the hospital.

“We know that the service is needed in this state. I think the women of Mississippi showed that they wanted this available, through a vote with the personhood amendment.”

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