Security solutions for your data center

May 1, 2012


As cloud computing continues to grow, companies large and small will be looking for data centers to help manage their network’s cyber footprint. MBJ video journalist Stephen McDill talks with Todd Gooden with The Solutions Team in Richland to learn more about cloud computing and data center security.

Gooden: When we designed the Solution Center we actually designed it to focus on the health care and financial sectors. With health care  you have HIPAA regulations. With the financial sector you have all these government regulations. When people are talking about data protection and cloud base, they wanna make sure they ask questions of the cloud provider or whoever is gonna provide this service for them.Identity theft is on the rise. It’s probably one of the number one crimes in America right now.

In our technology we actually encrypt from a 56-bit to a 256-bit encryption. 256 is considered military-grade encryption. We encrypt data before it ever leaves the customers’ premises. That’s data even our engineers can’t see.

MBJ: Could someone hack into a data center? It’s a physical location.

Gooden: It is a physical location and I won’t say anybody can’t be hacked. In general we have multiple firewalls in our data center. The most common thing that I see happen when people are hacked is they share their passwords. Organizations need to have really good password policies. It doesn’t matter how good your firewall, encryption or security is if the organization is allowing their end users to share their passwords or have common ones or not change them- those are the first line of defense.

For a non-customer hacking into our system we have taken a lot of preventive measures. Our data centers are guarded by off-duty police officers. We have man traps throughout our data center meaning no two doors can be open at any given point. In addition we’ve put in place some biometrics so there’s palm scans that are done.

MBJ: What are some business sectors that would really be needing data centers right now?

Gooden: The education space has been extremely good for us. We actually are big in the gaming space. We work with casinos to back up their gaming data (slots, player information) and their non-gaming data. We still have financial and we still have health care. Health care seems to be the market that’s going to grow the fastest for us. With electronic medical records, there’s no longer going to be a paper file or chart- those things are soon to be gone if they aren’t gone already.

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  1. Erick Holdstrom Says:

    Thats great that you have off-duty officers, usually if you have great firewalls thats the only way hackers have access, on the physical end. I do wish that businesses would implement stronger password rules.

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