Beauty and the beasts…

June 6, 2012


We promised you more video with Mississippi’s creative class.

Once upon a time there lived four girls in a big house in a little forest in the land of Terry.

They were homeschooled and liked to show their Alpine and LaMancha goats in 4H. Thus, they were never short on delicious goat milk and as the oldest Hannah likes to say, “You can only drink so much goats milk.”

One day the four girls were visited by a photojournalist. This is what happened next…

Popular scents for the Bright Arrows soap include ginger peach, Delta cotton and peppermint. The alpha-hydroxy and many vitamins in goat milk naturally enhance skin while store-bought brands are made from chemical acids that might not be so skin-friendly.

Bright Arrows products are sold online and can be found at farmers markets and stores in Summit, Clinton, Jackson, Wesson and Brookhaven.

Hannah Miller says one of her dreams is to have a Bright Arrows booth at the historic Canton Flea Market. For more information visit their website at


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