C Spire Wireless switches on 4G

September 10, 2012

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C Spire Wireless has finally launched 4G (fourth-generation) broadband services for its Mississippi customers.

The newly activated LTE network will offer faster data speeds that will increase app and multimedia capability.

According to a release, the cities of McComb, Brookhaven, Meridian and Greenville are the first of 31 markets that are receiving 4G.

Six more markets will be announced by the end of the year.

“4G LTE from C Spire gives consumers more of what they want and where they want it than ever before,” C Spire president and CEO Hu Meena is credited with having said in the release. “With data speeds up to 10 times faster, you’ll be able to download apps faster, open files almost instantly, do real-time video chat, surf the mobile web or stream movies, music, soundtracks, video and more without the wait.”

C Spire will also be selling new 4G smartphones including the Motorola Photon Q and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III.

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