Jackson’s Charley Hutchison back in the news

September 12, 2012


Charley Hutchison

The MBJ newsroom was happy this morning to see more recognition for Charley Hutchison.

As featured in a Metro Jackson daily, Hutchison, a St. Andrews student and computer enthusiast, continues his distinction of being one of the youngest Apple mobile app developers in the world.

Mississippi Business Journal staff writer Clay Chandler and video journalist Stephen McDill introduced Hutchison to Mississippi in a May 20 article and video shortly after his photo-sharing app FriendsForFlickr was accepted into the iTunes marketplace.

“Hutchison had spent several months working to develop an app for Apple that combined the mobile photo sharing app Flickr with a wireless device’s contact information storage,” Chandler writes.

“His status as an Apple app developer secured, Charley said he’s already decided to build another one, as soon as he decides what type he wants it to be. He hasn’t set a timetable for doing so.”

Keep on plugging Charley!


Clay Chandler: Jackson’s Charley Hutchison believed to be one of Apple’s youngest app developers

Stephen McDill: “Mobile app developer at 12″

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