“Crazy ants” set to conquer Deep South this summer

June 10, 2013


Next time your lawnmower won't crank, check for this guy. (Photo by Joe MacGown/Associated Press)

Next time your lawnmower won’t crank, check for this guy. (Photo by Joe MacGown/Associated Press)

The heat and humidity aren’t the only things you have to look forward to this summer.

The New York Daily News has published a chilling story on the recent infestation of the South by Nylanderia fulva, swarms of insects better known as “crazy ants.”

The crazy ants wreaked havoc in their native Argentina and Brazil before finding new homes in Texas, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana, according to ABCNews.com. The only way they could have reached the U.S. was with the unwitting help of travelers, according to a new study published in the Biological Invasions journal.

Reporter David Boroff writes that the ants “usually chew through wires in machines, electrocuting themselves in the process. But the dead ants emit a perfume which attracts even more aggressive ants to the machinery, leading to more damage.”

YouTube has videos posted of crazy ants destroying a bee colony and putting some MMA moves on a larger fire ant.

There is no word yet on the immigration or worker status of these ants.


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