WaPo’s Meyerson: When it wants to slum, business still goes to the South

A drop of 3.8 percent in the hourly wages of U.S. workers in the first quarter of 2013 marked the steepest decline since the government began measuring in 1947.

Washington Post opinion writer Harold Meyerson takes this wage drop as a sure sign that the so-called economic recovery will continue to be one of higher profits and lower wages.

He points out that economists of all types are coming around to recognizing the “Global South” and its pushing of low-wage immigrant workers onto American soil has contributed greatly to depressing U.S. wages. “But how much of this problem originates in the Global South and how much in the American South?” he asks in a column that details how Dixie’s dearth of worker rights and insistence on paying low wages has encroached into the North.

The result: Prosperity for some and continued struggles for yet more American workers.


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