Developer unveils plan to enhance historic Town Square, downtown

Residents and visitors to the city of Brandon quickly realize two things about the city’s historic Town Square/downtown — there is a lack of things to see and do and it is not very user friendly.

Perhaps that is about to change, however.

According to the Clarion-Ledger, Orion Planning Group, which spent this week formulating a long-term development plan for the area, gave its recommendations to city officials yesterday.

The most ambitious idea was the mixed-use “lifestyle center,” a cluster of retail, hotel and residential space along a stretch of Government Street off I-55 currently lined by gas stations and fast-food restaurants.

Orion partner Bob Barber says pedestrian and bike paths would transform downtown into a “park-once” district, eliminating many of the parking issues that have plagued downtown as Brandon has grown.

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2 Responses to “Developer unveils plan to enhance historic Town Square, downtown”

  1. Carolyn Tucker Says:

    Brandon is not near I-55.

  2. Alana Says:

    I believe that would be I-20, not I-55.

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