The Buzz on NFL Beer: Jax giving suds away, other teams curbing prices

October 4, 2013


National Football League ticket prices are higher than ever – and game day crowds may be as well as teams try to keep fans happy by making beer prices a relative bargain.

NFL beerPerennial loser Jacksonville is even giving away beer as a way to replace groans with grins.

The has made a thorough check of each stadium and ranked the highest to the lowest in beer per ounce prices. In some of its listings, it notes the stadiums may be deceptive by reporting, say, 12 ounce cups of beer for $5 but making vendors offering that price scarce on NFL Sundays.

Here’s a key conclusion from The Street: If you’re over 21, the NFL and its official beer sponsors at Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD_) want you to come to the game more than ever. After beer prices jumped from an average of 42 cents an ounce in 2011 to 43 cents an ounce last year, they actually sank to roughly 41 cents an ounce this year.

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