The BBC’s Skyship 600 — world’s largest — passes over Mississippi

cloud-lab_rgbMBJ’s production director Tacy Rayburn took this picture Sunday of Skyship 600 as it passed over Mississippi between Jackson and Vicksburg.

Skyship 600 is the world’s largest airship that a team of scientists is using for one of television’s most ambitious experiments on the atmosphere.

Flying from coast to coast, across the USA, in a month-long expedition for the BBC Two series Cloud Lab (working title), the team of British scientists will scrutinize insect life, the relationship between life and weather, as well as how hurricanes form.

According to the BBC, the team, which includes an entomologist, meteorologist and professional explorer, is also hoping to shed light on the creation of clouds and the relationship between diverse ecosystems and weather. Their journey can be followed in real-time on twitter — @BBCCloudLab.

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