Byram announces plans for new Walmart

December 6, 2013

Business, Economic Development

walmart-logoBYRAM, Mississippi — Richard White, Mayor of Byram, has announced Walmart’s interest in coming to the City of Byram.

The proposed project would be an 185,000 SF Walmart Supercenter located at the southwest corner of Siwell and Terry Roads on a 68-acre site known as Byram Town Center. Walmart will incorporate their new storefront design at this location. The closest other Walmarts are south Jackson and Richland both 10 miles away.

More businesses are expected to build on outer rim around Walmart.

“We have been hoping that a major retail anchor would locate in Byram as it would bring more people and shoppers to our great city,” White said. “We realize that our citizens do not have a lot of shopping options and are therefore forced to go to neighboring cities—this results in a loss of sales tax revenue to the city of Byram.

“Assuming Wal-Mart makes its entrance into our city, we feel this will be a great attraction for additional retail businesses and restaurants,” he continued. “In addition, this will create new jobs for citizens of Byram. With the increase in people and shoppers coming to Byram, I believe the local small business owners will benefit from this activity. We would also welcome Walmart as a great community partner as they typically support area schools, civic and charitable organizations.”

Walmart Statement “Walmart continues to focus on seeking better ways to serve our loyal customers. This holds true in growing communities such as Byram, MS where access and convenience to a full assortment of quality merchandise and healthy affordable grocery options are important to our customers. We also take pride in knowing that Walmart can be part of the solution in a community by creating hundreds of new quality jobs, stimulating economic development and by serving as a committed community partner,” said Walmart spokesperson Tice White, Director of Public Affairs. “At the current time, we have entered into the site evaluation phase regarding potential growth opportunities in Byram, MS. This key process has just started and we expect it to take several months to complete. Until this process has been concluded we have no additional information to share. However, once this phase is finished we will provide a status update concerning future development plans in the City of Byram,” said White


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4 Responses to “Byram announces plans for new Walmart”

  1. Tina Says:

    So happy! Thank you.

  2. june Says:

    This is so awesome. “WallyWorld” , here we come. Can’t wait to have a Walmart rightt here in our little home town of Byram. Thank you so much.

  3. Bobbie Says:

    This is great!! I hate going to the one off of Hwy 18 in Jackson. It takes forever to check out. On a good day there maybe five registers open.

  4. Edward Says:

    Well this sounds good and i refuse to go to the Walmart on 18 this is going to increase the crime and Byram which is bad enough alright. Also put some small mom’s and pop’s business out of work. Like those who cut hair, some food stores, and clothes.

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