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BOBBY HARRISON: GOP primary may set record

April 16, 2014



The June 3 election where state Sen. Chris McDaniel of Ellisville is challenging incumbent U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran most likely will produce the largest Republican Party primary turnout in the state’s history. In the 2012 Republican Party primary for president, 294,100 people voted in the election won by Mitt Romney. People voting in the Republican […]

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Senate Rejects Last Sequester Bills

February 28, 2013


Time for Plan B! Wait, there is no Plan B? As expected, the Senate rejected rival bills aimed at preventing the looming sequester Thursday, meaning that $85 billion in automatic spending cuts will almost definitely kick in on Friday. Bills introduced by both Democrats and Republicans failed to receive the necessary 60 votes to pass. […]

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Mississippi and abortion the subject of one national political columnist

November 26, 2012

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In this column, Robert Shrum says sensible Republicans seeking to renew the viability of a conservative party that seems out of touch after a stinging defeat at the polls are being denounced as ‘heretics.’ Shrum says the party might never find its way back. Later in the piece, Shrum says … One of Limbaugh’s targets, […]

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Pew poll: Americans want banks to give more details on checking accounts

July 28, 2011


Republicans in Congress may want the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to die in its infancy, but most Americans are looking forward to the work the bureau will do in bringing more transparency to bank checking account transactions, a new poll has found. Americans with checking accounts believe banks must do a better job of disclosing […]

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