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MBJ: Indiana’s take on Mississippi manufacturing is self serving, at best

June 18, 2013

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Indiana has employed a scorched earth economic development strategy of degrading the manufacturing and logistical capabilities of its Midwestern neighbors and Southern competitors such as Mississippi. While generously pointing out all the shortcomings of others the Hoosier State goes up against in the economic development arena, the study sponsored by Conexus Indiana — the state’s […]

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Atlanta lays claim to Dixie’s ‘Most Miserable’ metropolis

February 26, 2013


The late humorist Lewis Grizzard had a standard refrain for Northerners who complained about life in his beloved Atlanta: “Delta is ready when you are.” For a little variation, he would sometimes remind them that “Interstate-75 goes both ways.” It’s perhaps well and good that the longtime Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist is not around to hear […]

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