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AmeriCorps honors first Vicksburg-based FEMA Corps

June 5, 2013


As they reflect on their service to Hurricane Isaac and Sandy survivors and others, the nation’s first FEMA Corps members will be sworn into service in a graduation ceremony at the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) Southern Region Campus in Vicksburg. The ceremony begins at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. The first 177 members of […]

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CARTER: Mississippi hypocrisy on disaster help reversed by half

January 16, 2013


The theory of evolution has drawn a lot of skeptics recently, including a member of the U.S. House from Georgia who swears man and dinosaurs roamed the Earth together back in the day. In fact, says the Peach State’s Rep. Paul Broun, a physician who sits on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, evolution […]

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Mississippi’s Palazzo says he’ll be ‘point person’ on disaster-relief reform

January 9, 2013


Congressman says he’ll be ‘point person’ on disaster-relief reform >> Poll question … U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo toured areas of the Jersey shore and Staten Island for the first time to view Sandy hurricane damage Tuesday, after the backlash over his vote against funding for the National Flood Insurance Program last week.  >> Read more […]

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MBJ: Offsets needed for Palazzo hypocrisy on Sandy relief

January 8, 2013


That’s Mississippi, always looking out for the rest of us. So goes the cynical commentary after two-term Rep. Steven Palazzo embarrassed Mississippi with his vote last week against federal aid for Hurricane Sandy recovery. As the national media has been quick to point out, Palazzo is a taker but not much of a giver. Rep. […]

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Hypocrisy issue raised in Palazzo vote against Sandy aid for Northeast

January 7, 2013


  Last week, two-term Rep. Steven Palazzo, a Biloxi Republican, sparked controversy nationwide when he voted against relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy, despite representing coastal Mississippi, one of the regions hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina and a top beneficiary of Katrina disaster aid, Talking Points Memo reports. » SUN HERALD: Palazzo puts politics ahead […]

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Mass shootings top story of 2012 in AP poll

December 26, 2012


The Dec. 14 mass shooting in Newtown, Conn. has been voted the top news story of 2012 by the Associated Press. The news organization had reportedly already selected their annual top stories the day before the shooting, which killed 26 students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In a rare move, another vote was […]

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CARTER: Barbour all wet blaming storm for Romney loss

November 9, 2012


Haley Barbour is not sounding like the rational voice the Republican Party so badly needs in the wake of the thrashing it just took in the presidential election. As a Rider of the Storm, he’s proving to be a false prophet. The former GOP chair and two-term Mississippi governor is telling anyone who will listen […]

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Barbour stunned at barbs thrown at Christie’s post-Sandy work with Obama

November 2, 2012


Haley Barbour knows a bit about hurricane recovery and working with the federal government to preserve lives and property after a storm, having led Mississippi’s rebuilding from the historic destruction of hurricane Katrina in 2005. So you can understand his irritation at criticism leveled at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his work with President […]

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