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Roberts rules: Affordable Care Act’s taxing nature poorly hidden

June 28, 2012


Pepper Crutcher, a labor and employment law attorney in Balch & Bingham’s Jackson office, finished reading Chief Justice John G. Roberts’ opinion on the Affordable Care Act by mid-morning Thursday. One clear conclusion, according to Crutcher, is that Roberts knows a tax when he sees one. Call Obamacare’s health-care mandate whatever you like, the monetary […]

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Barbour: “Medicaid Overburdened and Unsustainable”

July 15, 2011


Gov. Barbour told the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance on Thursday that Medicaid is “overburdened and unsustainable,” adding that the piling up of future costs would be “fiscally irresponsible.” His remarks can be read in full here.

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