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Ms. immigration law would exempt foreign business execs

March 12, 2012


Mississippi’s anti-immigration legislation mirrors Alabama’s year-old law in most every way except for whom it exempts. HB488, the strict papers-please law winding its way through the Legislature, gives a hall pass to business execs whose companies are authorized to do business in the Magnolia State. The “no papers, no problem” provision for international business executives […]

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Alabama nabs foreign auto execs in immigration crackdowns

December 5, 2011


What’s keeping Alabama’s economic development officials awake at night? Perhaps it’s the new propensity of state lawmen to snag high-ranking executives of foreign carmakers in immigration enforcement dragnets. Over the years, Alabama put the welcome mat out for the car manufacturers to come to the state and create thousands of well-paying jobs. But strict enforcement […]

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