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CARTER: Religious restoration law as ticket to legalizing gay marriage in Miss.

April 16, 2014


I learned early in my newspaper career that readers simply love irony. So if you haven’t had your recommended dosage today, take a few spoonfuls of this: In what was billed as a moment of enlightenment, Mississippi legislators this spring redid Senate Bill 2681 with the goal of making it less menacing.  But it turns […]

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White House shows new flexibility on Medicaid expansion options

March 21, 2013


The White House is encouraging skeptical state officials to expand Medicaid by subsidizing the purchase of private insurance for low-income people, even though that approach might be somewhat more expensive, federal and state officials say. Ohio and Arkansas are negotiating with the Obama administration over plans to use federal Medicaid money to pay premiums for […]

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Arkansas option gains steam as states look for Medicaid expansion alternatives

March 18, 2013


Three weeks ago, when Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe was in Washington for the National Governors Association meeting, he made a trip to Health and Human Services. Beebe had an unusual Obamacare proposal. The Arkansas legislature did not want to expand Medicaid for those under 133 percent of the federal poverty line, an option under the […]

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Some states to use foreclosure settlement money to patch budgets

February 16, 2012

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Seeing a chance to plug budget holes in their states, three governors are laying claim to portions of a recent $25 billion mortgage foreclosure settlement to be paid by five of the nation’s largest banks. Where authority for use of the money rests is not entirely clear. Some media reports say U.S., Attorney General Eric […]

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