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Gunn backs $1.38B plan to phase out personal income tax

February 24, 2015

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JACKSON — Speaker Philip Gunn and other House Republicans are lauding their plan to eliminate Mississippi’s personal income tax. The House Ways and Means Committee voted 15-7 Tuesday to advance House Bill 1629, moving it to the full House where it will need a 60 percent majority to advance. Gunn, of Clinton, says the plan […]

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Analysis: Reeves risks blame if charter bills fail

March 29, 2013


Tate Reeves looked like a wizard after his first legislative session as Mississippi lieutenant governor. But the reputation of the Republican leader of the Senate could be in for a radical re-evaluation if a charter school expansion doesn’t make it into law in the closing days of the 2013 session. In 2012, Reeves stiffed the […]

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OUR VIEW — The simple answer: Jackson needs the Department of Revenue

March 27, 2013



“The new normal.” Those are an awful trio of words the nation’s nagging economic slump has left us with. They mark a concession that we are prepared to live with things that are less good than before, such as double-digit unemployment, underwater home values and — for downtown Jackson — historically high office vacancy rates. […]

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Op-Ed: The shared fortunes of Jackson and its suburbs

February 22, 2013


By: Matthew D. Bolian Since 2011, a fight has been brewing in the state capitol over where the Department of Revenue (DOR) and its 500 plus workers are going to relocate. In one corner is Sen. David Blount, D-Jackson, and in the other is Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, R-Clinton. Sen. Blount represents those […]

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CRAWFORD: Is everyone, including Phillip Gunn, a RINO these days

February 18, 2013


Republicans coined the term “RINO” (Republicans in Name Only) to denigrate other Republicans who didn’t toe the conservative line. These days, I’m having trouble seeing the line. Thought it had to do with cutting the cost and size of government, reducing public and corporate welfare, and such. Must be a different line, though, with top […]

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Tate Reeves On Speaker Gunn

January 3, 2012


From the office of Lt. Governor-Elect Tate Reeves: “I would like to congratulate Phillip Gunn, the newly elected Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives. His vast legislative experience, long track record of supporting conservative ideals, and his strong belief in public service are all reasons why he is an excellent choice to lead the […]

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