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REILY: Finely textured beef the fault of the media? MSU researcher cannot be serious

April 10, 2012


A story released by Mississippi State University blames the media for the shadow cast over lean, finely textured beef, which has been more commonly referred to as pink slime. An MSU meat scientist, Byron Williams, describes recent media reports as “irresponsible journalism that casts a shadow over established practices that he contends make certain ground […]

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Feds want to make ‘pink slime’ meat school lunch mainstay

March 8, 2012


Add “pink slime” meat to the school lunch menu offerings from the folks who wanted to classify catchup as a vegetable on school menus. In a story Thursday headlined “Partners in Slime,” The Daily reports that the government is buying pink-slime looking ammonia-treated beef scraps by the tons for school lunches. Here’s the story.

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