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CARTER: Romney may have generational edge in repelling space invaders

June 29, 2012


       Americans give President Obama only so-so marks on his handling of the economy. But nearly two out of three say he’s the leader they want calling the shots once an armada of flying saucers comes over the horizon, National Geographic’s “Aliens Among Us” poll found. The magazine surveyed a random nationwide sample […]

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Roberts rules: Affordable Care Act’s taxing nature poorly hidden

June 28, 2012


Pepper Crutcher, a labor and employment law attorney in Balch & Bingham’s Jackson office, finished reading Chief Justice John G. Roberts’ opinion on the Affordable Care Act by mid-morning Thursday. One clear conclusion, according to Crutcher, is that Roberts knows a tax when he sees one. Call Obamacare’s health-care mandate whatever you like, the monetary […]

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52% of Ms. GOP voters believe Obama a Muslim, poll finds

March 12, 2012

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Where Mississippi Republicans are getting their facts is unclear, but it’s clear that the majority of them have their facts wrong. Here’s the dirty lowdown: President Obama is not a Muslim. Nonetheless, more than half of Mississippi’s Republicans voters believe he is a Muslim, even though he attended Christian churches for decades and has said […]

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Carter Commentary: Getting us back to ‘Made in America’

January 25, 2012


Is there an assembly line somewhere that turns out these tired opposition party responses to State of the Union addresses? Year after year, it doesn’t matter whether the chief executive delivering the speech is a Democrat or Republican, within minutes of the speech’s completion the worn-out rhetoric begins. Which brings us to Tate Reeves, Mississippi’s […]

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