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THE DEATH OF THE TEA PARTY? The GOP struggle widens as Boehner rebukes hard right

December 13, 2013


  The Associated Press WASHINGTON — The Republican establishment’s much-anticipated pushback against the tea party wing is underway. House Speaker John Boehner made that clear Thursday, when he renewed his denunciation of groups that try to defeat GOP incumbents they consider too willing to compromise with Democrats. Some Republican loyalists wonder what took so long. […]

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BOBBY HARRISON: Cochran holds important place in Mississippi’s history

December 11, 2013

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On my nearly stone-age era telephone/answering machine at my desk in the state Capitol is a message left by U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran. It has survived since 2009. I had called his spokesman earlier that particular day to get a comment on a Medicaid-related issue. I really expected his spokesman to get a comment and […]

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CRAWFORD: Is everyone, including Phillip Gunn, a RINO these days

February 18, 2013


Republicans coined the term “RINO” (Republicans in Name Only) to denigrate other Republicans who didn’t toe the conservative line. These days, I’m having trouble seeing the line. Thought it had to do with cutting the cost and size of government, reducing public and corporate welfare, and such. Must be a different line, though, with top […]

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MBJ Best Political Marketing Tool Award

April 13, 2011


By Amy McCullough The MBJ’s Best Political Marketing Tool Award (which I just created) goes to Republican gubernatorial candidate Hudson Holiday’s chapstick. “‘IF YOU ARE REALLY CHAPPED’” vote for Hudson Holiday for GOVERNOR of MS.” Fantastic. Gen. Holliday is a Poplarville native who currently serves as a county supervisor in Pearl River County on the […]

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