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DAVID DALLAS — Chris McDaniel: Mississippi’s next four-decade senator

June 5, 2014


By David Dallas I worked for the Republican Steering Committee in Washington D.C. during the final throes of the George Herbert Walker Bush presidency after he had broken his no-new-taxes promise. No matter how you read his lips, George the First had betrayed the Reagan Revolution. He had compromised with Democrats and, now-extinct, liberal Republicans […]

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Mississippi unemployment highest in the nation

March 29, 2013


Unemployment rates fell in 22 U.S. states in February from January, a sign that hiring gains are benefiting many parts of the country, says a story from the Associated Press. Mississippi’s rate remains stubbornly high, rising to 9.6 in February to atop the national average. Neighboring Alabama’s rate had been in decline until February, when […]

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