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NY Times: Loser or not, McDaniel’s time in spotlight may have just begun

July 3, 2014


Mississippi Tea Party dreams were extirpated last week when State Senator Chris McDaniel lost his Republican primary bid to unseat Senator Thad Cochran. Yet if some of Mr. McDaniel’s most outspoken contemporaries are any guide, he may actually have greater political influence as a loser, the New York Times reports. Read the story:

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CRAWFORD: A clear choice on Tuesday

June 19, 2014


Bill Crawford

By Bill Crawford So, on Tuesday we get a clear choice. We can pick the candidate who wants to save America from Thad Cochran, or the candidate who wants to save Mississippi from Chris McDaniel. To hear McDaniel and his Tea Party cronies tell it, Cochran is joined at the hip with Barack Obama and […]

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Politico: National Democrats giving to Travis Childers’ Senate bid

June 5, 2014


By Alexander Burns June 5, 2014 12:30 PM EDT National Democrats have already spent tens of thousands of dollars aiding underdog Senate candidate Travis Childers, the moderate former congressman who hopes to make the Mississippi race competitive in the event that Republicans nominate insurgent conservative Chris McDaniel. Childers has raised only a small sum of […]

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WaPo calls Miss. GOP Senate primary tea party’s ‘last stand'; says blogger tresspass slowed McDaniel surge

May 22, 2014


After a string of humbling defeats in Republican primaries this spring, the tea party’s last best hope to oust a lawmaker is in Mississippi. But things are not going well for the movement’s Chris McDaniel, who is challenging longtime senator Thad Cochran, the Washington Post reported in a story today. The race has been roiled over the […]

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Palin says Miss. stop part of her crusade to KO GOP establishment candidates

October 18, 2013


Add Mississippi to former Alaska half-term governor and Tea Party celeb Sarah Palin’s dance card, USA Today says. In a story Thursday, the national newspaper reported that after campaigning in the failed U.S. Senate effort of Tea Party Republican Steve Lonegan, the 2008 GOP veep candidate vowed to push on to campaign for Tea Party […]

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