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Twin Creeks Technologies goes under, owes Mississippi $26 million

November 29, 2012


In Nov. of 2011 the Mississippi Business Journal reported Twin Creeks Technologies’ new 88,000-square-foot factory, funded with $26 million in state dollars, sat in Senatobia with very little going on. Twin Creeks spokesperson Tarpan Dixit said, at the time, the plant was not in commercial production but in “validation mode” and waiting for certification — but […]

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Could Mississippi’s Twin Creeks go the way of Solyndra?

November 13, 2011

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Obama and Barbour have bet on green energy winners and losers Since its declaration of bankruptcy and subsequent FBI raid in early September, solar manufacturing company Solyndra has stayed in the national news, and President Obama has come under fire from Republicans with allegations of crony capitalism. This month the White House refused to provide […]

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