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JOHN STODDER — Study: Fracking doesn’t pose groundwater risks

March 29, 2012


In a possible foreshadowing of long-awaited findings by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin has found “no direct link to reports of groundwater contamination” from the controversial natural gas extraction method known as fracking. According to project leader Charles Groat, “From what we’ve seen so far, many […]

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MC Ping-Pong Third in Nation

March 14, 2012


Popularized by Chinese leader Mao Tsetung as a way to encourage community fitness and national pride, table tennis (or “ping-pong”) has grown in worldwide popularity since it was first introduced. Mississippi College’s acclaimed table tennis team first started in 2007 and has since been turning the tables on a number of big name rivals from […]

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