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JACK WEATHERLY: Train to New Orleans: a travelogue with a bit of news

The City of New Orleans at its southern terminus takes on passengers.

ON THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS – This is a story of contrasts, from a very low-cost train ride to dining on the best cuisine we’ve ever tasted. Not to mention the latest and cheapest city transportation mode with a funny-sounding name, Uber. The Amtrak station’s waiting room in Jackson is a red-brick redo with ancient blond benches wearing brass boots. ...

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TODD SMITH: Amazon dives into food, detergent & diapers

advertising marketing

Amazon already sells things like electronic accessories, office supplies and even clothing under a variety of its own brand names. Now it’s going all in on groceries and household products. While some people will point out that so-called “private labeling” is nothing new – grocery stores and big-box retailers have been increasingly pushing their in-house brands – this is a ...

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JOSH MABUS: Never on time — the perils of business decisions

MABUS Timing-rgb

Have you ever seen those “Free beer tomorrow” signs that decorate the walls of dive bars all across the country? No matter how many times you’ve seen them, they’re still a little funny. When you realize that every tomorrow the sign still reads “tomorrow,” the situation gets a lot more serious and sad. You’ll never get a free beer. Those ...

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JOSH MABUS — Hanging up on old paradigms

MABUS Hang Up-rgb

A recent GEICO commercial depicts Tarzan and Jane fighting over directions as they navigate the jungle treetops in search of a particular waterfall. “I think we should have taken a left at the river,” Jane implores as the two clinch a vine and observe the jungle from a tree branch. “Tarzan know where Tarzan go,” the king of the jungle ...

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TODD SMITH — Longer news stories gain steam on mobile devices

Illustrations Of Popular Mobile Apps And Social Media Sites

As the news media continues to tap into an ever-mobile public – with the nearly roughly seven-in-10 American adults who own a smartphone – it is increasingly using methods to appeal to today’s plugged-in, digital reader. With both a smaller screen size and an audience more apt to be dipping in and out of news, many question what kind of ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — There’s a need to come together

economic development

Collaboration among community leaders is one of the keys to success in moving an area forward. But what if leaders don’t seem to want to collaborate? What if they are more concerned with their own territory than the community as a whole? What can be done to get them together? One good place to begin is the dinner table. One ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — City and county taxes need study too


Legislative leaders, having passed one of the largest tax cuts in state history, now say they will conduct a comprehensive study of Mississippi’s tax structure.    “This session we had proposals that were just all over the map — proposals to reduce the grocery tax, proposals to eliminate the franchise tax — sales taxes, corporate income taxes, a whole host ...

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