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TODD SMITH — USA Today network building foundation on power of video


The USA Today Network – the nation’s biggest newspaper publisher – is jumping on the video train. The sprawling empire is shifting into high gear of transforming its more than 100 local media organizations into a single, cohesive whole – and video is a central part of that strategy. Late last year, it hired Joanne Lipman, the founding editor in ...

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JOSH MABUS — Build a predestined path for your customer


I was in San Francisco with a friend to do a little work and cheer on the Giants as they fought for a spot in the playoffs recently. On our second night in the city, instead of watching baseball, we spent the evening taking in the sights of the marina district, where we stumbled on a little boardwalk magic shop. ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Mississippi needs more private sector jobs to get off bottom


For decades the U.S. Census Bureau has published data on income and poverty. Related news stories have consistently focused on Mississippi’s humble rankings. Just released statistics show Mississippi continues to be the poorest state with the highest poverty rate.   When stories about this hit the media, Gov. Phil Bryant’s director of communications, Clay Chandler, wrote this in an email ...

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JOSH MABUS — If you’re explaining, you’re losing


I’ve worked with a lot of incredible creatives. Once I work with a fellow who stands out as a verbal processor. We’ll call him Stephen. “Stephen, the client needs to include their e-commerce store in their new website,” I’ll say. “Is that something you can do relatively easily?” “I don’t see why not,” he always replies with confidence. Then there ...

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TODD SMITH — Creative ways to incorporate live streaming to connect with your audience


Video has risen rapidly in the past few years, offering marketers a proven way to grab audience and keep them engaged. Live video streaming in particular has become increasingly popular as a tool for companies and groups to connect directly with their users, to gain greater product awareness, and to brand themselves creatively. In fact, just recently, the Content Marketing ...

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MAULDIN — A day late and a dollar short: Mississippi Supreme Court underscores boorish side of ‘Gentleman’s Deal’


I’ve lived in my current home for about two years. It’s on the corner of a well-trafficked intersection, and we have a shed in the backyard. A few weeks back, I went to work and left the door to the shed unlocked – intentionally – despite the fact I’m generally aware that if you want to ensure your property is ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Pathways for unmotivated people become useless pathways

economic development

Pathways” is the popular word today for fixing broken, adolescent, and unsuccessful people.    Here are a few examples. At the federal level there are the Pathways out of Poverty Act, the National Institutes of Health Pathways to Prevention program, and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Pathways courses. At the state level there are Governor Phil Bryant’s Mississippi Works Smart Start Career Pathway, the Mississippi ...

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(WATCH) MBJ BUSINESS SHOWCASE — In the swing of things: Sanderson Farms Championship 2016


Recently, we had a chance to talk with Steve Jent, tournament director for the Sanderson Farms Championship, to catch up on the details for this year’s event. The tournament this year will be held October 24-30, a bit earlier than last year. Some might remember that last year’s event was held in November, and was somewhat challenged by weather, although ...

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BLAKE ADAMS — Practice pitfalls: Minor mistakes in Medicare enrollment can lead to major consequences for health-care providers


For the vast majority of health-care providers in Mississippi, Medicare reimbursement is an essential component of any practitioner’s or institution’s revenue stream. But let’s face it — no one likes dealing with Medicare enrollment forms. The byzantine paperwork and forms required to participate in the Medicare program (each identified by a jumble of letters and numbers such as the CMS-855A, ...

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JOSH MABUS — Value is in the knowledge of the consumer


This column is the final in a three part series on using perceived value as a marketing tool. In 1989 the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings made one of the largest trades in football history, with Dallas sending Pro Bowl running back Herschel Walker to the Vikings along with four draft picks. The Cowboys received five middling players and three ...

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