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PHIL HARDWICK — What remarkable associations do that others don’t


Why do some organizations thrive and really make a difference when others seem to be just hanging on? One thorough research project revealed that there are several things that make a significant difference in the success of associations. This research, which was conducted by the American Association of Society Executives, was presented in a book entitled 7 Measures of Success: ...

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TODD SMITH — What sources do journalists trust most?


In a fast-paced digital society, companies have an ever-expanding platform to build a compelling brand story – and to resonate with a rapidly changing public. While public relations, advertising and marketing all have their place in building credible brands, survey after survey shows that editorial coverage generates better trust between a brand and consumers. Recently, Ogilvy proved this point again ...

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Analysis: Mental health lawsuit was a long time coming


When the U.S. Justice Department sued Mississippi last week over adult mental health services, it might as well have delivered the legal papers with a neon yellow sticky note saying: We told you this was coming. The Justice Department has sued about a dozen states over the way they provide services for people with mental illnesses, and Mississippi Attorney General ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: Can Trumpism wean GOP from big money politics?

Donald J. Trump

Anger and frustration drive the voters who will support Donald Trump come whatever.   What I hear:  It’s about time somebody was willing to stick it to those (bad word) in Washington. And to Wall Street too. Those (bad word) in China and Mexico who steal our jobs need a lesson they won’t forget. Those (bad word) in the Middle East ...

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JOSH MABUS — Melting ice and the lifestyle life cycle


Yeti isn’t the coldest cup on the planet anymore. At least that’s the claim of a video comparing the product to its store-brand brethren. The folks at AL.com did an unofficial ice retention test comparing Yeti, Ozark Trail and Orca stainless steel vacuum-sealed tumblers, and the results have been making the rounds. In this test, the Ozark Trail (which retails ...

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TODD SMITH — Google sprints to Olympic search gold


Google unveiled a range of new features to help people follow the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, which begin last week in Rio de Janeiro. Users can now more easily find information on the Olympics in search, including details on event schedules, athletes, and medal counts, and can sign up for automatic alerts through the Google app for iOS and Android. ...

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MARIANNE HILL: Undecided about Trump? Questions to consider

Donald J. Trump

Why  not Trump? It’s about time our politicians asked “Where have we gone wrong?”   Good question and here is the short answer:  you, our elected representatives, have not been doing your job. You work hard to get campaign money, but neglect the basics. Half our young people can’t get a decent job. Same is true for those of us ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Tax needs vs. tax cuts bedevils legislators


With legislators looking at taxes, some of us should be worried, some thrilled.   The need to study taxes results from weakening tax revenues along with a sluggish economy, and also because the largest tax cut in state history is pending.   Legislative leaders know they need a consistent, dependable tax base to fund state government. Republican legislators, now a ...

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SUMESH ARORA: 10 ways to understand innovation

Innovation, idea

We hear a lot about innovation these days and terms such as the “innovation economy” or the “new economy” are frequently used interchangeably, along with the “21st century economy.”  This raises the following three questions: 1. What is considered innovative? 2. Why is it important? 3. How can you spot it? The simple definition of innovation according to the Merriam-Webster’s ...

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