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ON LAW — 7 steps to maintain corporate formalities

business processes

Is your business ready to go to the next level? Are you considering filing for incorporation? To do so, you must first file Articles of Incorporation with the Mississippi Secretary of State, which can be done on its website at sos.ms.gov. After the Articles of Incorporation are filed and the corporation is formed, an organizational meeting is held, bylaws are ...

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TODD SMITH — Social media overtakes TV as main source of news for millennials


The 18-24 crowd (younger Millennials) has used the internet as its primary source for news for several years. Now it is specifying “social media” as its main source of news, with that niche overtaking television for the first time. The information comes from a study done by The Oxford University Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. It looked at ...

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JOSH MABUS — Get less than you bargained for


People always want to know “the secret.” …the secret to happiness. …the secret to a better job. …the secret to health. These secrets, or the promise of their answer, fuel many, many ad campaigns. The Internet is overwhelmed with ads for a new technique to cut fat or an instant weight loss drug. Now think about how many so-called health ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Federal overreach impacts Mississippi


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 was passed to eliminate unjustified discrimination based on disability. It provides protections against discrimination to disabled Americans, requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled employees, and imposes accessibility requirements on public accommodations.   Now, the U.S. Department of Justice is telling Mississippi the ADA provides mentally ill adults an unconstrained constitutional right ...

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MBJ SHOWCASE: Old Capitol Inn and Mende Alford


When you hear the term “boutique hotel”, you might tend to associate the concept with a quaint inn located in, say, Boston, or Manhattan, or perhaps in the south of France. However, Jackson is home to its own boutique hotel at the Old Capitol Inn, on State Street. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a few nights at the ...

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JOSH MABUS: But it was on sale


You’ll never believe the sale I found today, honey,” your wife says to you as you undo your tie and put away your shoes. The Maison Weiss bag lying on your bed reveals the shape of the shoe box it contains. (Ladies, sit tight. I’ve got an equally damning example about husbands after this.) “These $400 shoes were on sale ...

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TODD SMITH: Master your crisis communications online

advertising marketing

You have to do more these days to shift into gear when a crisis arises. It has to be a combination of positive PR, comprehensive and transparent messaging and a carefully articulated response statement – and in today’s fast-paced, plugged-in world, it must absolutely include a strategic social media response. With nearly two-thirds of American adults on social networking sites, ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER: What’s your ‘type’? Mine is ‘sales successful’


Everybody talks about “types” of people, in order to try and figure them out. Salespeople are all taught to mirror, model, and type their prospective customers. Big mistake. My opinion: total manipulation. Total joke. Total waste of time. The key word is harmonize. Not mirror or model. Harmonize is sincere. Mirror or model is manipulative. Get to know them as ...

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