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OP-ED — Support for Initiative 42


We are products of Mississippi’s public schools, as are our children. We are proud of the education that we received, an education that allowed each of us to secure decent jobs and to become contributing citizens in our communities. That is exactly what we hope each child in a Mississippi school today will find … a way to fulfill whatever ...

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JOSH MABUS — Video Streaming: new screens, new horizons, old wisdom


You’ve probably heard this year’s college football opening weekend was the most watched of all time. The Ohio State / Virginia Tech matchup was the third most watched regular season game ever. There was another record put on the books. It was the most streamed college game of all time with 708,000 viewers watching through the Watch ESPN online streaming ...

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DAVID HAMPTON — Education is the singular issue for this election


  Candidates running for state office are talking about a lot of different things, but in this election year there is really only one issue to consider  — education. I have always avoided single-issue voting. Politics is an exercise in compromise and a politician should be judged on the whole. But this year, education is the only essential issue in Mississippi. ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Pick candidates willing to hear “serious people”


He is not a serious person,” said Zbigniew Brzezinski.                                                                                                                               Who was he speaking of — Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu, or Donald Trump?   Brzezinski is a serious person. The former advisor to Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter and international relations realist played key roles in major international events such as the normalization of relations with China, the second Strategic Arms ...

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SUMESH ARORA — Re-energizing after Hurricane Katrina

Innovation, idea

A s we mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and reflect on the past decade we hear many stories of courage, strength and of the unity we showed as a state.  One of the numbers which stood out in my mind was the number of people who lost electricity to their homes, offices or businesses: nearly four million, by some ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Shareholders’ needs and keeing a balance


A lot of people are interested in your company or organization and its success. They want it to succeed because they have a stake in it. And that’s why they are called stakeholders. There are six broad categories of stakeholders: Stockholders, managers, employees, customers, community and suppliers/distributors. Each has its own set of interests, needs and expectations. Stockholders/Investors – In ...

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PEYTON SMITH — Flood insurance basics

flood insurance

Most people assume when they purchase homeowner’s insurance that flood insurance is included in their policy. It is very important to read your policy and find out whether or not there is flood exclusion because a typical homeowner’s policy does not include flood insurance. Since flood insurance is federally regulated, there are myths and misconceptions with the general public. One ...

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ENGINEERED FOR SUCCESS — From George Washington To 3D Surveying, Digital mapping and drones

W hen the ‘Father of Our Country’ was working as a public land surveyor in 1748, mapping hundreds of square miles of newly settled Virginia, the tools of the trade consisted of a survey compass and a chain.  The compass provided simple direction based on magnetic north; the chain provided a way to measure distance and consisted of 100 iron ...

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