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ALAN TURNER — Celebrating Mississippi’s dynamic business women


Through the years, I’ve learned one highly encouraging thing about Mississippi—namely, that we are richly blessed with a great group of professional business women who own and manage businesses, direct large and small enterprises, serve the public good, educate, inform, and contribute to the overall quality of life in the Magnolia State. For 19 years now, the Mississippi Business Journal ...

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GLENN McCULLOUGH — Powering Mississippi’s economy


Mississippi’s abundance and wide array of energy resources means we pay less than the national average for residential, commercial and industrial electricity. At the same time, Mississippi’s renewable energy resources are putting our people to work, processing the raw materials and restoring the forestland. Mississippi’s 19.8 million acres of forestland fuels a thriving forest product industry, generating a $12.3 billion ...

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TODD SMITH — Which ads scored on the Olympic podium?


When the 2016 Olympics began, many TV advertisers were crossing their fingers that their strategy would pay off. Reaching an estimated 26.5 million total viewers in the U.S., they were hoping their ads scored Olympic gold with the right audiences. To answer the pay-off question, advertisers will predominantly look at three specific areas of performance, according to Google Analytics: 1. ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER — What is the key that unlocks the sale?

advertising marketing

Is there a one word answer to making more sales happen? YES! Probing? Listening? Presenting? Talking? Assessing? Pain? Objections? Closing? Manipulating? The key to selling is not probing, listening, presenting, talking, assessing, pain, objections, and especially not manipulating. The key that unlocks sales is harmonizing. But you’d never know that from most salespeople’s actions. Selling is about understanding the other ...

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Analysis: Once called soft, some ask if state tests too hard


Beneath the back-and-forth last week over how many Mississippi public schools should get As was the undertow of another question — has the state gone from grading its kids too soft to grading them too hard? In many ways, it’s a deeper issue than assigning A-to-F grades to schools. Reducing the performance of a school or a school district to ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: Schools must become environments that instill virtue


Teaching children “virtue” is the key to solving poverty, insists a reader and regular critic. That’s how we break the “cycle of dependency,” he said.   To do this, he argues, we must “indoctrinate our children from the early years with a sense of virtue through education.”    Well, “indoctrinate” threw me off. Reminded me of the old Soviet Union ...

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LAW ELEVATED — Paying for software development? Make sure you own it!

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In a digital society dominated by the saying, “there’s an app for that,” copyright protection is essential. Paying to have a work created does not automatically vest ownership of the copyright in the paying party. When making the decision to hire an individual to develop software either as an employee or independent contractor, companies must address ownership before work commences. ...

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JOSH MABUS — Are you a duck or a hunter?


I can work with someone who has different tastes than I have. I can work with someone who has different ideas about marketing. One thing I will never do is go duck hunting with someone who thinks they’re a duck. I had a particular type of meeting this week that is, thankfully, becoming more of a rarity with each year ...

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