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JACK WEATHERLY: Lifting spirits in a small town fighting to thrive

Attala County Courthouse, Kosciusko

For most viewers, Kosciusko is a place holder at the top of Jackson-area television weather maps. But my hometown, which is in the center of the state and my heart, has made newscasts a couple of times recently for other reasons. One story signaled a cultural change for the Attala County seat. The town will soon be able to legally sell ...

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DAVID DALLAS — Big Money, meet Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

When a young, unknown Senator from Illinois named Barrack Obama decided to run for the U.S. President in 2008, he got a lot of money from some peculiar groups, primarily from the U.S. financial industry. These groups had just sent the American economy into a tailspin. They knew there would be no way the American people would elect another Republican ...

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Analysis: Ballot titles important in school funding fight


  There’s a good reason that attorneys have committed hours to researching, writing and arguing about two brief items that will appear on the Mississippi ballot this November. Both items deal with the state’s commitment to education funding. If one of them becomes part of the state constitution, it could shape the Legislature’s budget-writing process for decades to come. That ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: “25 Things” Meaningful Exercise

One of those Facebook things said to choose 25 random things and distribute to friends. It can be a meaningful exercise. Here were mine: Snowflakes, DNA, weather. Always different. But consistent patterns. Chaos bounded by order. Free will enveloped by God’s will. The neverending wonder of purposeful creation.Why isn’t “Never Trust a Naked Bus Driver” (Jack Douglas) still on the best ...

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ALAN TURNER — Watkins & Eager: Spanning 3 centuries

Paul H. Stephensen III

There aren’t very many companies that can claim to have operated in 3 different centuries.  The Jackson law firm of Watkins & Eager is a firm that has accomplished that. The firm traces its roots back to 1895, when William Watkins began practicing law in Jackson.  He later partnered up with Pat Eager, and the firm has been in operation ...

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BOOK BIZ — An American literary legend explores life and love


Acclaimed short-story writer and poet Raymond Carver created a world in his writing that was much like his own hard Oregon upbringing: sparse and challenging, sparing no one heartbreak. Heavy drinkers and disillusioned people making bad choices fill Carver’s work. Credited with helping launch a resurgence in the modern American short story in the late 70s/early 80s, he died of ...

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JOSH MABUS — Get off the shoulders of giants


Humans learn from observation. Toddlers observe others to build vocabulary. We test and assign new words with correct objects. As we continue to mature, we learn social norms by observing and emulating the populace. It’s no wonder that this behavior is also true in business. We emulate the greats and hope their success translates to ours. This has extended into ...

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THE SPIN CYCLE: Rise in mobile reading could benefit newpaper websites

The average amount of time spent reading newspapers fell more than 25 percent globally from 2010 to 2014 according to a new ZenithOptimedia report. The amount of time spent reading newspapers across the world averaged 16.3 minutes per reader a day last year, down 25.6 percent from the 21.9 minutes daily average in 2010. By 2017 the global average will ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER: Want the sales ‘master’s touch?’ Study them, and do what they did


The book, titled “America’s Twelve Master Salesmen,” was written and published by B.C. Forbes & Sons in 1953. The book was based on the fact that each one of these master salesmen had one extremely powerful overriding principle or philosophy upon which his or her success was based. For the last two weeks I have presented the first nine masters, ...

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DAVID DALLAS: Cochran vs. McDaniel, the final chapter

Chris McDaniel (left) and Sen. Thad Cochran

Perhaps now, nearly a year later, the final chapter has been written in one of the ugliest Republican primary races in U.S. Senate history. It was just too tawdry a tale to end after aging and “established” Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran pulled out a controversial victory over the state’s Tea Party darling, Chris McDaniel. The Tale of the Mississippi’s Republican ...

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