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COMMERCIAL FINANCE 701: Permanent loans & other oxymora

  A n oxymoron – a clever figure of speech that seemingly contradicts itself – can be pretty amusing.  Jumbo shrimp.  Postal Service. Justice Ginsburg.  Devout atheist.  Unbiased opinion. One of our favorite finance-related oxymora is PERMANENT LOANS.  Our partner Roger Williams leads an active practice group specializing in permanent loans for multifamily properties.  But don’t be duped.  Permanent loans ...

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MARTIN WILLOUGHBY: Millsaps’ Pearigen developing tomorrow’s leaders

Management guru Peter Drucker used to relentlessly ask executives – “What business are you in?”  Drucker wrote, “That the question is so rarely asked—at least in a clear and sharp form—and so rarely given adequate study and thought, is perhaps the most important single cause of business failure.” Great leaders consider such questions and make sure their organization has a ...

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JOSH MABUS: Don’t be overwhlemed by the whelm

One can be overwhelmed or underwhelmed, but what about just “whelmed?” I can assure you that being whelmed exists. People tend to talk about experiences that exceed expectations. This could be in the positive or negative. If you have overwhelming service, you’ll likely brag about it. If you’re underwhelmed by the quality of service, you’re likely to rail against it. ...

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Dick Hall: Mississippi’s economic future is tied to its highway system


At a recent luncheon sponsored by the Madison County Business League & Foundation, Highway Commissioner Dick Hall talked about the importance of highways and transportation to the economic health and future of Mississippi. “Obviously, if you don’t have a good transportation network, then companies who might come to Mississippi will ask themselves whether they can get their goods in and ...

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PHIL HARDWICK: Which should a business value most: employees, stockholders, customers or products/services?

If  you, a business owner, had to choose, which of the following would you place more emphasis on: Employees, stockholders/investors, customers or products/services? It’s tempting to say that all are equally important. But what if I told you that those companies that value employees more are more successful? At least, that is what the evidence suggests. From 1997 – 2013 ...

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DAVID DALLAS: Getting a grip on LGBT issues

Last week Bruce Jenner, the Olympic gold-medal winner, admitted to ABC’s Diane Sawyer and a national television audience that he is transgender. What that means is Bruce Jenner, despite his masculine accoutrement, feels more like a woman and would like to identify himself as one. Jenner won the decathlon in 1976, the most grueling event in the games, requiring strength, ...

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TODD SMITH: Improve Google search results for your PR

Ever heard the adage about the best place to hide a dead body is on page five of Google search results – because no one ever goes there? Current and prospective audiences do not travel that far on a search engine because they are either busy, lazy, or simply assume there is nothing past page two that they need to ...

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JOSH MABUS: The Tao of Road House

Be nice. It’s strange that we have to be told this. It’s even stranger that Patrick Swayze has to remind us. In the 1989 genre-busting Road House, Swayze plays Dalton, a legendary “cooler,” a sort of super bouncer who’s recruited from New York to Missouri to take control of a juke joint gone wild: the Double Deuce. Part action, part ...

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