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Analysis: Once called soft, some ask if state tests too hard


Beneath the back-and-forth last week over how many Mississippi public schools should get As was the undertow of another question — has the state gone from grading its kids too soft to grading them too hard? In many ways, it’s a deeper issue than assigning A-to-F grades to schools. Reducing the performance of a school or a school district to ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: Schools must become environments that instill virtue


Teaching children “virtue” is the key to solving poverty, insists a reader and regular critic. That’s how we break the “cycle of dependency,” he said.   To do this, he argues, we must “indoctrinate our children from the early years with a sense of virtue through education.”    Well, “indoctrinate” threw me off. Reminded me of the old Soviet Union ...

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LAW ELEVATED — Paying for software development? Make sure you own it!

Software development concept in tag cloud on white background

In a digital society dominated by the saying, “there’s an app for that,” copyright protection is essential. Paying to have a work created does not automatically vest ownership of the copyright in the paying party. When making the decision to hire an individual to develop software either as an employee or independent contractor, companies must address ownership before work commences. ...

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JOSH MABUS — Are you a duck or a hunter?


I can work with someone who has different tastes than I have. I can work with someone who has different ideas about marketing. One thing I will never do is go duck hunting with someone who thinks they’re a duck. I had a particular type of meeting this week that is, thankfully, becoming more of a rarity with each year ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — What remarkable associations do that others don’t


Why do some organizations thrive and really make a difference when others seem to be just hanging on? One thorough research project revealed that there are several things that make a significant difference in the success of associations. This research, which was conducted by the American Association of Society Executives, was presented in a book entitled 7 Measures of Success: ...

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TODD SMITH — What sources do journalists trust most?


In a fast-paced digital society, companies have an ever-expanding platform to build a compelling brand story – and to resonate with a rapidly changing public. While public relations, advertising and marketing all have their place in building credible brands, survey after survey shows that editorial coverage generates better trust between a brand and consumers. Recently, Ogilvy proved this point again ...

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Analysis: Mental health lawsuit was a long time coming


When the U.S. Justice Department sued Mississippi last week over adult mental health services, it might as well have delivered the legal papers with a neon yellow sticky note saying: We told you this was coming. The Justice Department has sued about a dozen states over the way they provide services for people with mental illnesses, and Mississippi Attorney General ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: Can Trumpism wean GOP from big money politics?

Donald J. Trump

Anger and frustration drive the voters who will support Donald Trump come whatever.   What I hear:  It’s about time somebody was willing to stick it to those (bad word) in Washington. And to Wall Street too. Those (bad word) in China and Mexico who steal our jobs need a lesson they won’t forget. Those (bad word) in the Middle East ...

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JOSH MABUS — Melting ice and the lifestyle life cycle


Yeti isn’t the coldest cup on the planet anymore. At least that’s the claim of a video comparing the product to its store-brand brethren. The folks at AL.com did an unofficial ice retention test comparing Yeti, Ozark Trail and Orca stainless steel vacuum-sealed tumblers, and the results have been making the rounds. In this test, the Ozark Trail (which retails ...

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