BILL CRAWFORD: Initiative 42 not what we need in Mississippi


The November vote on Initiative 42 is days away. Since it amends the state constitution, voters should carefully consider its long-term impacts. Unlike statutes that can be changed yearly, constitutional amendments last for many years. Initiative 42 advocates say a constitutional amendment is needed to force the Legislature to fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP). Most state leaders ...

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Drought burns pastures, fields, posing threat to cattle

These brangus cattle on Bill Carr's Choctaw County farm are faced with a toasted pasture and reliance on what they normally eat in the winter.

By JACK WEATHERLY “They’re burnt slam up,” said Bill Carr of his Choctaw County pasture lands and hay fields that haven’t had a rain since late July. His tends 35 head of what he says are brangus “mama cows” and two bulls on 70 hilly acres of pasture land. They are hungry. They came up to his tractor one day ...

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Turning City Centre into convention center hotel is option, new owner says

Ownership of the 266,000 square-foot City Centre has passed from Parkway Properties to Hertz Investment Group.

By TED CARTER The new owner of downtown Jackson’s City Centre will consider converting the two-tower office complex on South Lamar Street into a convention center hotel should it lose a main tenant whose lease is up at the end of 2016. Hertz Investment Group, the Central Business District’s dominant landlord, emphasized it bought the 266,700 square feet of buildings and ...

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‘Know Before You Owe’ mortgage disclosure rules in effect


By TED CARTER  A new regulation designed to make home mortgages less complicated for borrowers and give them more time to study closing documents went into effect Oct 3. The tradeoff, however, is that home purchases that typically closed in 30 to 45 days can now take up to 60 days, real estate professionals say. What’s more, the “Know Before ...

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PR and marketing professional Todd Smith acquires full ownership of Deane/Smith

Silas Deane and Todd Smith have grown Deane/Smith to a fourth-place ranking for revenue among Nashville's public relations and marketing firms.

By TED CARTER Todd Smith, a former presidential speech writer turned branding-and-image pro, has acquired ownership of Deane/Smith, a Nashville public relations-marketing firm he co-founded and expanded to include Jackson and Washington, D.C., offices. Smith and co-founder Silas Deane have grown Deane/Smith into Nashville’s fourth largest full-service public relations-marketing firm based on annual billings, according to company data compiled by the ...

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ALAN TURNER — Caring for the baby boomer generation

Senior care executives Don Glidewell and Steve Dobbs see difficult choices ahead in caring for aging baby boomers.

By ALAN TURNER Continuing our look at the explosive growth of the health care sector in America, it’s important to consider the whole issue of senior care as it relates to the retirement and aging of the baby boom generation. In the prior segment on the future of health care, we looked at the growth of health care in the ...

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SUMESH ARORA — What’s cool about hot, flat plates?

Brinson Farms at Prentiss converts treated chicken litter by using an solar thermal installation and turning it into biogas and solid and liquid fertilizers.

While I am on the topic of energy and how we produce and use it in Mississippi, I would like to share another technology that gets very little mention in the mainstream media, but has tremendous potential.  My guess is that if I say the words “solar energy” right now, you will be confused, but will also be thinking about ...

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PSC hears comments on net-metering proposal


By JACK WEATHERLY  A process that began five years ago cleared a major hurdle on Tuesday as Mississippi considers adoption of a “net-metering” rule that would allow residents who equip their homes with solar cells to produce electricity and get credit on their utility bills. The Mississippi Public Service Commission heard from a number of intervenors during a two-hour hearing ...

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Historic music venue, 100 Men Hall, for sale


By LISA MONTI The 100 Men Hall is up for sale. The historic music venue built in 1922 in Bay St. Louis is where Etta James, Ike and Tina Turner and many others have performed. The building was put on the market a couple of weeks ago and has a sale price of $699,000. It has 4,500 square feet, two bedrooms ...

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